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    Good day members,

    Need advice on the best possible route to travel between San Francisco/Los Angeles to New York (one way) . We (Malaysian family of 4) are planning a road trip sometime in Oct 2010. We will fly out either to SF or LA, spend a few days in these cities before we commence our journey. I have not decided on the best route but my first draft as follows:

    San Francisco/Los Angeles
    Las Vegas
    Grand Canyon
    ( day trip to Niagara Falls)
    New York

    Apart from California, Las Vegas, Grand Canyons and Niagara Falls, I am not familiar with other sights that might interest my family. (Kids are 6 and 8 yrs old). Any suggestions ?? My plan is to cover these distance between 7-10 days at our own leisure.

    Would appreciate any help/advice on my planning for this trip especially considering the fact that I will be traveling with 2 young kids. Is Oct a good time to plan such a trip.


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    Default 7-10 day's ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think at this point you will be better off getting a good map of the USA and sitting down and deciding what appeals to you and then use the search function on the forums to get more info. There are millions of idea's and knowing nothing of your interests make it impossible to make worthwhile suggestions.

    My plan is to cover these distance between 7-10 days at our own leisure.
    Sorry, but I am confused. Have you up to 10 day's for the entire trip, from when you leave SF/LA or between each stop listed ?

    As it is, I would expect your trip to be over 3500 miles and a full weeks driving with no major sight seeing.

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