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  1. Default Hello, I'm brand new here needing some advice.

    I know some of you folks can be of help here even tho I'm like a fish out of water on this forum. I'll explain.. One of my hobbies is flying and I would need a low level route from Ill. to the grand canyon or possibly to Cody, Wy. My Cessna 172 will go up to 13000 ft. but its a slow laborious climb to get there and the performance is not so good at that alt. We are much more comfortable around 8500-9000 ft. Lower if possible. I have heard of pilots going out West never getting above 8500 ft. by following highways but I'm having a time finding a route to do so. My wife and I and grandaughter would like to go West this summer (we went to Maine last year). Any ideas anyone? Thanks, this seems like a good forum to ask questions....Bob

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    You can get started by getting a set of airways charts and checking the MEA's. Something else that will help is a set of topographic maps.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk
    My Cessna 172 will go up to 13000 ft.
    But of course, you can't legally remain above 12.500' for more than thirty minutes without supplemental oxygen.

    COD's runway is 8200' and GCN's is 9000' which will help with the density altitude problems

    Both can be approached via routes where ground elevation does not exceed 8,000'. For Cody, you'd basically follow I-94 to Billings and then direct to Cody. For the Grand Canyon, fly to Amarillo and follow I-40 to Flagstaff. You can base there (FLG, 8,800' runway) or fly around Humphreys Peak to GCN.


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    Thanks AZBuck, that's the kind of info I'm seeking. I know the FARs, iv'e been flying more than 30 yrs. but never out West. We're seeking new adventures while I can still pass the medical...Thank you again...Bob

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    Yeah, my heart murmur finally caught up to me and cost me my medical a few years ago, regretfully just before my grandsons were old enough to go up with me.

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