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    Default Roadtrip from VT to Cali and back. First cross country, needing some advice.

    Hey, First i must say this site is awesome! its already helped me so much, so i decided to join and see what people had to say about the trip i have planned. If you want to see my basic route here it is:

    Its just a map i made with google maps that outlines the trip. Basically from vermont to florida, then to texas, then the grand canyon and a stop at vegas, on to sanfransisco and to see the redwoods, then to SLC, yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, chicago and back to Vermont. I'm 21 and have roadtripped a few times. mostly to New Jersey Maryland, that area. I will be bringing one or two friends with me. We have a month to do the whole thing and each of us will have about 1,000 dollars. The plan is to stay with some friends maybe stay in a few hotel rooms and then just camp the rest of the nights in a tent somewhere on the road. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions as to what to bring, where its safe to camp on the side of the road, random places to see and any other helpful information.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Default a problem

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think there was a problem when you copied your map - as the link does not work.

    I think you could also have a problem with your budget. If you have a car with average gas mileage and the price of gas remains around $3, you're already looking at roughly $1500 for fuel. Even in your best case, where you've got 3 people to share the expenses, its going to be difficult for 3 people to live on the remaining $1500 for a full month.

    Additionally, it is neither safe nor legal ANYWHERE to just camp along the side of the road. Doing so is an invitation to be woken up by a police officer and cited for trespassing - and quite possibly worse. There are places where you can camp for free, such as some national forest lands, but even there, you need to check before hand to find out what the regulations are to camp legally in these cases. Typically there will be parking restrictions and you will have to be a certain distance from roads and rivers. These will be an option on some nights for you, but these are also often in pretty remote areas, so its probably not something you'll be able to do for more than a few nights of your trip. Generally, you should plan to stay the night in campsites (state parks, etc) but that will cost you about $20 a night.

    I think you've got a nice goal, and having a month to work with will give you some time to play with, but I think your budget is probably based on some unrealistic expecations. That's certainly not uncommon when plotting a major trip like this for the first time, but I think you'll need to increase your funds rather significantly or you're going to end up where your lack of funds is going to make it very difficult to have a good time.
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    After reading your reply i have decided to append my trip a little bit. The new plan is to get to vegas and then see what we have left and if we should head back from there or continue on. Thanks to your suggestion we have each decided to have around $1500. There should be at least 3 of us maybe 4. Thanks for the tip on camping as well. What i had meant by camping on the side of the road is what you described with the national parks and that stuff. But we will be sure to stay clear of camping on the side of the road. Also we are trying to travel as lightly as possibly. Is there anywhere that might have a list of necessities?

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