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    My sister and I are doing road trip this summer out west. I will be leaving michigan. I have uncle in Colorado springs, then Grand canyon, lake mead, and finally Chula Vista , CA to see more family. I was wondering if you had any ideas of things to see/do. I found a map on map quest. Looking to do this on budget, camping? I have been hearing that Grand Canyon is to hot in summer and loads of visitors. I do not want to miss it but will it be more of head ache?
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Without knowing your interests, the amount of time you have, and whether it is a one way trip or return journey it's impossible to make recommendations. Even with that info it won't be easy, so I would recommend you study a map and look around the various RTA pages where you will find lots of info [you can use the search function] and try and fill in some blanks. When you have done so we can be of more help.

    Yes, the Grand canyon and most other popular destinations are going to be busy in the summer months but you could also consider heading to the Quieter North rim.

    Camping is a good way of budgeting and can be most enjoyable, but sites in places like the GC can book up months in advance although there will be other options.

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