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    I'm planning a road trip with my boyfriend for May 2008. We live in Toronto Ontario and are 21. We are planning on renting a car and travelling the US for a month. He would like to camp, I would like to stay in nice hotels, so we plan to do both. We plan to have a budget of about $12 000 for this trip (saving all year!) Which is for food, camping, hotels, car, gas, activaties and souveniers.

    We are looking for adventure (white water rafting, cliff jumping) as well as sight seeing (mountians, waterfalls). Wildlife viewing and fun attractions. My dad is American and has travelled through the states many times, and has helped us a little, but any advice is always helpful!

    Our desired route is:

    Grand Canyon
    Montezuma Castle
    Tuscon (staying with my sister) (down to mexico for a day)
    San Diego
    Orange County
    Palm Springs
    Joshua Tree
    Los Angeles
    San Fransisco
    Redwood forest
    Crater Lake
    Vancouver (staying with my other sister)
    Back to Toronto

    Some places we plan on spending a few days, others just a night. Does this time frame and budget seem do-able? Any suggestions of things we should see or do in any of these places. Or any places near our route we should check out? All suggestions/comments/advice appreciated! Thanks!
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your trip looks like a great adventure. I did a similarly scoped (in miles anyway) trip a couple of years ago and only took half as long and didn't spend nearly as much. Now on that trip I kept moving along except for the time spent with family, tended to stay in 2-star type motels, and ate at local diners for the most part. My point (if I had one) is that your trip will allow you plenty of time to do just what you're setting out to do, explore.

    There are a number of different possible routes to take, each with its own unique set of things to see. Just two examples: Between Toronto and Colorado you could enter the US at Sarnia and use I-69 and then cross the prairie on I-80 which follows the route many pioneers used to cross America, or you could cross at Niagara Falls, cut across Ohio to Cincinnati, follow the Ohio River towards St, Louis, and then use I-70 as your main route west. On your return, you'll have to choose between taking the Trans-Canada, or returning to the US from Vancouver to use I-90 and/or I-94. Your best choices for a quick trip to Mexico are to go to Tijuana while in San Diego, or to take the 90 mile drive down to Nogales while visiting your sister here in Tucson.

    Fortunately, you've got nearly a year to plan, so take some time and look at several options for each leg. We'll be glad to help you make the choices and find other stuff along the way once you've familiarized yourself with the options.


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    Will it be warm enough for us to swim in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California in Mid May? (Sorry if that is a silly question!)

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    But the average water temperature along the southern California coast doesn't vary that much during the year. On average, it's around 60˛F in May.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacey123 View Post
    Will it be warm enough for us to swim in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California in Mid May? (Sorry if that is a silly question!)
    It's warm enough in Feb if you are game!!

    I think you guys will be fine.

    Are you guys flying to Colorado and then flying back from Vancouver?

    What an exciting trip, you have a lot of action packed in there!
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    We are driving from Toronto, Ontario to Colorodo, and then back to Toronto from Vancouver. Long drive!!

  7. Default Colorado-Arizona-California

    I am currently planning a month long road trip with my boyfriend. We are 21 years old and live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We plan to leave May 30th 2008 and Return June 28th 2008. We love to explore and are looking for adventure and beautiful scenery. We were looking into white water rafting, cliff jumping, kayaking, viewing wildlife! Visiting waterfalls, hot springs, cliff dwellings, tourist attractions, etc.

    Our route as of now is..

    Colorodo (white water rafting?)
    Grand Canyon
    Slide Rock State Park
    Tuscon (stay with family for few days) - Down to mexico for a day
    San Diego (zoo?)
    Palm Springs
    Joshua Tree
    Los Angeles (walk of fame)
    Malibu Beach (surfing?)
    San Fransisco (fishermans wharf)
    Redwood Forests
    Oregon (Crater Lake)
    Vancouver (Stay with Family) (whale watching?)
    Back to Toronto via back down into states? (Maybe stop in Wyoming - Old Faithful?)

    None of this is etched in Stone, Just a few ideas. We are planning on having a budget of around $10 000/12 000. We plan to do some camping and stay in nice hotels. This budget is for food, rent a car, gas, accomodations, park fees, souveniers and extras. Does our timeline (1 month) seem doable? Do our funds seem reasonable? Can anyone reccomend any "must see" routes, attractions, destinations...!! Thanks! - Lacey

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    Default This Could Be a Long Thread

    Excellent for you for posting your plans to the RTA forum so well in advance. I will definitely be providing some inputs for you.

    I haven't look at your monies, yet, but nobody knows what gas prices will be a year from now.

    Colorado, Arizona, California and Oregon are exploding with Mother Nature.

    Here is a roadtrip snippet that starts in Tucson, hits Mexico, and ends up in Death Valley via San Diego and Los Angeles.

    When in Tucson... Kitt Peak Observatory, Saguaro National Park, Mount Lemon.
    Spend a night (or two) at the Shady Dell in Bisbee and use Bisbee to visit the border town of Douglas. There are the Chiricaua National Monument and Fort Bowie in the SE corner of Arizona. Upon leaving Tucson for San Diego, you could visit the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

    Go from Tucson to Yuma and into California heading for San Diego. Imperial Sand Dunes are fun. Anza Borrego State State Park is the largest state park in California. I remember the San Diego zoo being nice. I'm not a beach person, but I like San Clemente, which is between San Diego and Los Angeles.

    When in LA... Venice Beach if you've never there. Malibu is nice and there lots of hiking in the Topanga Canyon area. From LA you could use I-10 to get to the southern entrance of Joshua Tree National Park to Twentynine Palms. North past Amboy Crater into the Mojave National Preserve (Kelso Dunes). North to Baker and more north to Death Valley.

    Yikes... I'll stop, but you will want to do Yosemite, San Francisco, northern California, Crater Lake, Portland, Mt. St. Helens, etc.

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    Sounds great! I would suggest adding Mt. Shasta to you trip. You can take Highway 299 from the redwoods east to highway 5, then head up to Mt. Shasta and farther norther to Crater Lake.

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    We plan to leave May 30th 2008 and Return June 28th 2008.
    I think your advice may be coming a bit late.

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