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    Hello fellow road trippers...

    Help!! My wife and I are planning a little get away the middle of Feb. We have 5 days...we live just north of Denver, Colorado and were thinking of driving south to get to someplace a bit warmer for a few days. We are debating on whether to drive from here and back or to fly into Phoenix and rent a car??? Not sure what we should do regarding time.? Also, our main goal would be to relax, see some amazing sights, stay at some fun/local hotels/resorts along the way, try some great microbrews, and just enjoy time with each other. We are both very active and outdoorsy. Does anyone have any suggestions on itinerary?? Do we drive west to Utah and down or drive south then west?? What has the best sights?? Fun stops along the way?? What do we have time for?? We would love any insights that anyone would have. Thanks so much for any and all help.


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    Default Roadtrip or Phoenix?

    With 5 days, it's tough to do both. It's a 2-day drive to Phoenix by the quickest route. So if you really want to see Phoenix, I suggest you hop on a bird to get there quickly and have time to enjoy a few days there and fly home.

    However, you're on a roadtrip website. We all tend to think the roadtrip IS the trip. The destination is secondary to being on the road. It's the stops along the way, and the sights you see on the road, that we all get a big groove on from. So, if you're open to someplace besides Phoenix, let me offer you a suggestion to consider. Just get in your car and drive south. After 2.5 days, turn around and come back...although it's fun to do that by a different route so you see new things.

    For example, you might drive south to Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerue, and then drive east to Amarillo, and then back up to Denver via 287/385, 40, and I-70 through smaller towns that might have some interesting things to see. Just keep your eyes open for what intrigues you and stop. This trip is about 1200 miles...a leisurely 240 miles per day over 5 days. I don't know if you'll get weather as warm as you would in Phoenix but it would be heckuva fun roadtrip!

    Of course, this is one of many possibilities. I should add that driving to Phoenix is do-able to us roadtrippers. But it might be a bit of a long drive for you to bite off for your first roadtrip. Particularly if you really want to spend more time in Phoenix.

    Let us know if a roadtrip intrigues you and if you would like other suggestions.

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