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    ok so me and 3 friends are planning a road trip for this october...
    the idea is to fly to New York - and end up in Vegas... whilst visiting a few places in between... we aim to do this in around 6 weeks ...

    we have a few ideas down already and a list of places to go .. but one thing that is really becoming a worry is transport...
    ideally we want to rent a car in NY and drop it off in Vegas... but i cant seem to find anyone that will insure more than 1 person - as we are all under 25...
    i was wondering if anybody here knew of a good reliable company , or if anyone has done this kind of thing before could give me some tips?!

    apart from that i think the main aim is to visit as many places as we can... are there any places you guys think are a must?!

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Just doing a quick search found a few rental car companies that at least indicated that what you want is possible. But the cost starts at around $5,000 and escalates quickly by $2,000 for each additional driver you want who is under 25. The fact is that you have three of the most expensive attributes there are in car rentals: a one-way trip across country, multiple underage drivers, and the need for a large vehicle. If you need to buy insurance from the rental car company, that is an additional obstacle, and again a very expensive one.


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    hey thanks for the quick reply!.. would it be possible to send me the names of the companies you found?..

    i think the ones we were looking at were about $5000 anyway!


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    I think the lowest cost one for a full sized car was Dollar. Just remember that $5,000 was for one person doing ALL the driving. Do not even think about trying to have one of you 'sneak' behind the wheel for 'just a little while'! Each additional driver would cost around $2,000. And even at that each driver would have to provide their own insurance, either under their own auto policy, a credit card used to pay for the rental, or an auto club policy. So check with those people to see what insurance you may already have.

    I will say this - New York requires that rental firms offer cars to anyone as young as 18. But the firms have good economic reasons not to and so may find all kinds of excuses not to by charging exorbitant fees, refusing to offer you insurance, refusing to allow multiple young drivers to take one-way rentals, imposing geographic restrictions, etc. I wish you the best of luck. If Dollar doesn't work out, just try each of the dozen or so major to mid-level nation-wide companies.


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