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    We are 2 freinds living in Israel looking to do a roadtrip from NY to Vegas.
    the thing is that we have no idea how much it should cost us, and how to calculate it...

    we cant understand if its better to buy a car and sell it in the end, or if it is better to rent a car?

    any help is welcomed.


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    Without a student or work visa and a US address, you will have a very difficult time titling and registering a car and obtaining insurance, so a rental is your best option, as long as you are 21 or older. If you are under 25, there will be a surcharge which will increase the cost considerably. How much time do you have for this trip, and will it be one way or a round trip?

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    Default More info.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you could get around the address and paper work issues to purchase a car, it would have to be for an extended stay, probably 3 months or more to make it anywhere near worthwhile. It would also be a large outlay at the beginning of your trip if you wanted a vehicle you could rely on, and for a quick sale at the end you would get well under the value you paid for it from a trader.

    As for costs you can quite quickly get an idea of cost for your car rental and flights by searching on line. Hotels/Motels will vary greatly in price from around $45, a nice chain hotel from around $70 [often more in city centres]and skywards for top city centre Hotels, camping and Hostels are cheaper options but as you have told us so little about yourselves and plans it's impossible to offer any sound advice.

    Do a little research, work out your budget and for how long you want to go, [or your budget will allow] what sort of things you want to do and then we can offer other suggestions.

    Enjoy the forums!

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    I will do further research, because I got to know that my cousin can give me one of his cars to travel, only if well find a way to register it and insure it in NJ.

    If I will have any more question I will ask.


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    Default not nearly that simple

    Even having someone "give" you a car isn't as simple as it might seem.

    If you aren't a US resident, it will be virtually impossible for you to register the car in any state.

    Basically, you'd have to keep the car in his name, and add yourselves to his insurance. Its really the only realistic way that you'll be able to legally make this work.

    However, this too has some downsides. Your cousins insurance cost will likely go way up because you don't have a US driving or credit record, and you haven't mentioned your age, but if you are under 25, you'll also be looking at another reason his insurance rates will go up. On top of that, if you are in a crash, with his car, he could be held liable. Basically, using your cousins car will put him at risk a number of legal and financial areas, so this isn't something you should do lightly.

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    NJ happens to be one of the most difficult states for a nonresident to register and insure a car in. They have a "six point" test for legal presence and residency which you have no chance of passing without a student or work visa and a physical address in the state. The vehicle would also have to pass both a safety and an emissions inspection.

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