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    Hi all,

    My boyfriend and I are from England and going to a friends wedding in Vegas this September. As we are going to Vegas for the wedding and we were planning on going to NYC next year also we thought it would be a fun idea to drive from Vegas to New York!! We have 3 weeks for this trip with a few days in Las Vegas at the beginning and a few days in New York at the end with roughly 2 weeks of travelling.

    So my questions are:

    1. Do you think this is adequate time to travel between the two places leaving enough time to actually visit places and take in America?

    2. Are there any particular routes that you recommend us to take or places that we should visit on route?

    3. Is this a do-able idea?

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    1. More than adequate. Las Vegas to NYC is 2500 miles if you take the shortest route, which would be a 5 day drive with no significant stops except overnight. If you have 2 weeks to do it, this allows for a lot of wandering and sightseeing.

    2. There are just so many places to go and things to see. I'd definitely see the Grand Canyon and some of the parks in Utah for starters.

    3. Absolutely!

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    Default Routes

    The particular route that best meets your needs is obviously the best for you. There are three basic trans-continental routes that would get you from Las Vegas to New York. So you should have a look at each of those and see what the sights are along and near each of them to determine which best fits your plans.

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