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    Hi there

    I'm from the UK and me and a few friends are going to be road-tripping round America from mid-July to end of August this year. We will be bringing a laptop with and are keen to purchase a portable wireless USB so we can access the internet on the road. Can anyone advise me on the best place to purchase one of these?



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    Default specifics

    It depends upon what you mean by a wireless internet stick.

    Do you mean a stick for wi-fi, so that you can access the internet at motels, restaurants, and the like? (most new laptops have this built in, but older ones require a card or stick)

    Or do you mean an aircard where you are accessing the internet via a cell phone signal? That's going to get a lot more tricky, as you generally need to agree to a year long contract before you start getting a good rate for the equipment and service.

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    I am also interested in knowing the answer to this question. I was under the impression that you also needed a US mailing address.

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