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    I'm planning a 6 week roadtrip from Lake tahoe to San Diego via Vancouver starting at the end of the month.

    I've just decided to insure my laptop and bring it along with me to use along the way. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to find wifi spots along the way.

    In a perfect world I'm imagining one of those google map hacks that let's you see different internet wifi cafe's in the next couple towns so you can plan your "attack" from there.

    Any thoughts? advice? does such a thing exist and I'm just blind or searching with the wrong keywords? Any help would be appreciated.



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    I don't know of any such maps that would cover small hot-spots as well as large ones, but there are different ways to check. First, T-Mobile hotspots are setup all across the country and are available at many Starbucks locations, among other businesses. Public Libraries are increasingly installing WIFI networks in their libraries to allow people to use personal laptops for research.

    Some cities are installing Metro WIFI networks, such as Tempe, Arizona's city wide-wifi (I can access the City's WIFI network from anywhere, for a fee, or use it for free to view the City Government website.)

    There are also WIFI directories where people submit known hotspots, but I do not know how reliable they are.

    Worse case scenario you have to find a motel/hotel or truckstop with WIFI.

    There are literally thousands of locations, so the chances of finding one in most cities and towns where the population isn't outnumbered by livestock is increasingly good. The larger the city, the more likely it will be available.

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    I have had increasingly good luck stopping at the typical shopping plaza that has a book store such as a Barnes & Noble or Borders.

    Some of the smaller municipalities have also begun putting wireless in their libraries - you may be able to log on at some of those locations as well.

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