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    hapything Guest

    Default palm pilots or cell phones

    I'm wondering if anyone uses a cell or palm pilot to get internet access while traveling and if so, are they happy with it? Not sure I want to do my banking etc. in internet cafes after reading how easy it is for people to steal passwords with software they install on public computers.

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    Default Wi-Fi has encrypted code

    While it is true that there security breaches, some of the articles detailing the ease with which data can be stolen come equipped with other agendas. I personally don't know of anyone who has been "scanned" with a result of stolen bank or other theft problems. I don't doubt it can happen, but my sphere of working dashboarding associates is quite large and to date, I am unaware of any such problems.

    In addition, Wi-Fi and other wireless protocols are using encryption techniques to render all but the most sophisticated unsuccessful in their attempts. In the odd case such penetration was enabled, it is unlikely you personally could be financially hurt -- except in terms of time convenience.

    As to Palm pilot, PC-Tablets, or cell phones -- same risks and same protections. The huge difference is that with rare exception -- wireless devices (not using a Wi-Fi- interface) will be connecting with a thru-put of no more than 33K, more likely 12K and Internet access for Web surfing at that speed is not practical.

    There are some wireless services in certain key cities than can deliver much faster access, but if you are really worried about those isssues, I would use public libraries or business centers like Kinkos on the road.

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    Ronets Guest

    Default Has anyone tried mobile satellite internet?

    I need high speed mobile internet connection for work. Has anyone tried or rented an RV with the satellite dish? Does it work? Is there a company that rents RV's with it?



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    Default Which satellite system and where using it?

    I have tried and tested just about every way there is for reaching the Internet in remote locations and/or mobile locations. Update: 08/13/03: Datastorm prices have dropped over 30% putting in the price range of mere mortals!

    What size of files are you uploading? Do you require VPN? How many files per day? Do you need real-time analytical processing?

    Most RV rental firms can supply two-way Internet satellite receivers but it is BIG BUCKs and usually only movie business budgets can handle the cost.

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    We are currently on a road trip right now. From seattle to cleveland and back. Public libraries have proved to be a real practical way to access the internet. If you have a laptop I would highly recommend bringing it. Some hotels like Springhill Suites and Country Inn and Suites offer free internet access cables and are clean and cheap too. Good luck. And enjoy your next adventure!

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    Colleen Guest

    Default Have Laptop will Travel

    I'm too anxious to see a low cost
    solution that works on the road!

    Until then...I find my laptop and
    trusty slow AOL disk an option if
    high speed is not available.

    If traveling to Canada, seek out
    CAP centers. They are ahead of us
    in this regard and have them dotting
    the country. Visitors can simply
    show their drivers license and have
    free access. They have an interactive
    map online to give you an idea of how
    widespread this is up there:

    Enjoy your travels!

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    dima Guest


    if highspeed is not necessary, regular dial up service with a cellphone + laptop works great.
    we traveled CT to CA and back, while using dial up service from SBC Yahoo and cellular service from Verizon. An adapter ran us $70. Air time of course depends on your plan, we had free nights and weekends, so no questions there. Service was generally great. it did require digital service for the connection. Verizon also offers high speed access for ~ $70/month.

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