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    Default First time in an RV - first time to the USA - New England trip suggestions please!


    We're picking up our RV in Boston in mid September and have 8 days to travel round New England. We're racking our brains as there is so much to see to see and do. We know we're probably too early for the foliage but do want to see some stunning countryside but also want to see the coast. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Default Some of the Best...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Over the tears we've responded to a number of requests for the 'best' of New England, so check out these previous discussions. Yes, I'm afraid you'll be a few weeks early for the peak of fall foliage, but on the other hand, the cool fall weather will be there while the tourists won't. Enjoy.


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    I did this last August. Here are a few things to try to get to:

    Head north from Boston to Maine. Visit Portland. It's a great city. While you are in the area you can visit Old Orchard Beach as well. Go west into New Hampshire and find the Kancamagus highway and Mount Washington. You might be able to see a little foliage at the highest elevations. The Kanc is an epic stretch of road that is just mountains and woods and plenty of places to stop and take pictures on the side of the road. It's part of the White Mountains National Forest. We also visited Manchester, NH, Burlington, VT, and Montpelier, VT. The interstate that runs the length of New Hampshire, Interstate 93, has unbelievable views.

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    I know this topic very very old :). But I wonder, what is the best Rv trip loactions for USA? I want to see best Rv locations for beginners.

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    Default Best is many different things for different people.

    Hello Hanrick and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To get the best help for planning your trip I would recommend starting your own thread. I'm not sure there is a single best location for RV's but they are designed to be best used out in nature and not around the city. First off I would look at parts of the USA that appeal to you and your tastes and think about how much time you might have, what your interests are and how much driving you are happy to do. An RV certainly isn't a budget option by the time you add all the associated costs up but they can be a great Lifestyle choice if it's your 'Thing'. I have completed quite a few RV tips in the West and have really enjoyed each one. If you are looking at National park type adventures, then it's an area that's hard to beat. There is a lot of great scenery and open spaces to be found in California, Utah, Arizona and Colorado to name a few. Once you have worked out some details of your trip then it will be time to look at where best to start. This was our last RV trip that took us from LA to Big Bend and on the last page you will find links to our other adventures. Once you have given it a little thought and got a few ideas we are here to answer any questions you may have but like I say, starting your own planning thread will get the best results.


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