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    Default 1st Time CC Trip from NY to GC

    I want to plan a cross country road trip this summer. This will be my first on-the-road trip. Approximately 3-4 weeks. From NY. One of the must see is the Grand Canyon. I will be traveling with my 12 year old daughter. A couple of things:
    1. I am a little nervous traveling just with myself and my daughter. Any recommendations for a safe route? Also, some safety traveling suggestions.

    2. Do I use my own car (in good condition) or rent a vehicle and not put the wear and tear on my vehicle.

    3. Besides the GC as a must see - what other sites do you recommend as a 'must see' and interesting sites for a teen-ager?

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Those are some very good questions for a first-time trip. Generally any route out there could be considered "safe". Remember, that every place is somebody's home. That said, trust your instincts and if you don't feel safe in a situation, get out of there. We've all been in that situation before. The important thing is to keep a low profile and find your way back to where you feel comfortable. But to be honest, it very rarely happens to me except in some of the larger cities. You might be a little different.

    Having your route mapped out, checking in with somebody daily (who also knows your route), and having a good sense of direction will help as well.

    Check out our Planning Pages - which has safety information as well as a bunch of other useful stuff.

    The rental versus your own car debate really comes down to if you want to spend the money on an unfamiliar car or your own. Being comfortable with the vehicle you're in goes a long way towards feeling safe. You know how the car will react in emergency situations, such as hard braking and handling maneuvers. You've already paid for the car - why not use it for what it's for?

    As far as what to see - what kind of things are you both into? You're going to be together for a month, and in that time there will be quite a bit to see. You've essentially got the entire continental US at your disposal. Is there anything you've heard about and just have to see (other than the Grand Canyon, which is incredible)?

    You're also going to run the gamut of emotions over the course of the trip, so be prepared for that.

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