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    Hi there,

    I am planning my first (and long overdue) visit from London,UK, to the USA in late September 2009 and want to journey east to west. Thinking of a 3 week period, poss Boston to San Fran or Seattle. Any ideas or thoughts about these routes or other suggestions would be most welcome. Is three weeks enough time to be able to take a few stops on route?

    Look forward to any help on offer.

    Many thanks

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    If all you do is drive on the Interstate highways for 10 to 12 hours a day, you can make it from coast to coast in 5 days, so I'd say that 3 weeks is plenty of time to go across sightseeing all the way. September is a great month to go just about anywhere from a weather and crowd standpoint, so break out a map and start thinking about what you want to see.

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    Default In the End It's Your Trip

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    So far all you've got is a very ill defined desire for a RoadTrip. You haven't got a starting point, ending point or time frame firmed up yet, so it's impossible to offer you any advice that is more than a complete shot in the dark. It will be up to you to determine the basic outline of the trip, even if it's only the type of things you'd like to see, a budget in terms of both time and money, and a very rough outline of the ground you'd like to cover. By all means get a relatively large scale map of the U.S. and start daydreaming. Read through these discussions, and talk to any friends you have who have seen large chunks of America or who have wanted to. What was on their lists of things to do or see? If some of the ideas you garner in this way appeal to you, mark them on the map. What else is near there? Why are you coming all this way to simply get in a car and drive? There must be something that you expect or hope to see or experience or accomplish by spending all this time and money. What is it? Telling you that you can cross the country in 3 weeks and still have plenty of time to stop en route answers your specific questions, but it's really not much help.


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    Hey, thanks for replying so quickly. Is true i am only just formulating my plans for this trip but ultimately my reasons for the trip are to have the adventure i should have taken years ago. I think this site will be a great resource to help me and thanks again for the positive feedback. I will post again when i am more certain in my plans. But the excitement is so great!!!

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    Hope you guys can offer some good advice now i have a firmer idea for my trip. The plan is to drive from San Fran to Chicago mostly via route 50, in a 15 day period. I plan to spend some time during the drive through Utah. Do you think 15 days is a reasonable time period to cover the miles and get a few days non-driving in-between??

    Any advice or previous experience of this trip would be great.


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    SF-CHI is about 2200 miles, so 15 days will only require 150 miles a day average. Very doable.

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    Default Easy

    You shouldn't have any problems with that plan, and I think you'll really enjoy the trip. Here's a field report from someone who did the entire length of US-50 in 13 days.

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