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  1. Default Roadtrip from Miami to West Coast US in 3 weeks... is it possible?

    Hey there! I'm completely new to roadtripping and until I started really researching I think I was expecting too much! Basically my ideal idea I had was 3 weeks: Miami to California, Vegas, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and whatever I possibly can in between. Like I said, I'm new so be easy on me :) I'm just looking for any sort of advice, ideas, route changes, places to see (we're into outdoorsy and out of the ordinary experiences) any input what so ever to make this a memorable and fun first road trip for me! I'm okay with camping, hostels, hotels, whatever cheap accommodations I can get. I am on a budget but what would some of you say maybe I'd be looking at spending on something like this. Thank you!

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    Default beyond a destination

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Some times the best thing you can remember when in the early stages of a trip that the destination is a big part of the trip, but its not the only thing, and its usually not the thing that determines if you'll have a good time. Its the experience of being out on the road and exploring that's the important thing.

    I say this because with 3 weeks, I think you're probably trying to do too much. Your goal of getting from Miami to Washington state and back in that time really means you'd have to be driving all day, nearly every day of that trip. Remember, it takes about a week to drive each way across the country, and another couple days to drive each way north and south - plus starting in south florida means you're looking at nearly a full day of driving just to get out of your home state.

    3 weeks is a nice amount of time to be on the road, but you'll still have to pick an choose your destination. The west coast isn't out of the question, but then you might be limited to more southern states, or you might not choose to go as far away, and just have more time to be exploring the places you do go.

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    If this is a one way trip, you can do a lot in 3 weeks - if it's a round trip it can be done, but you will be quite rushed. Miami to Seattle is over 3300 miles, which is 6 hard dedicated days of driving via Interstate highways with the only sightseeing being through the windshield - you would be behind the wheel for up to 12 hours a day.

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