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    At first my wife and I was going to drive from Boston to Seattle on I90, then changed our minds to taking Highway 2 from Maine to Seattle. But now I've figured it all out. Now I’ll be taking the Great Northern route from Maine to Seattle (popping into Canada along the way), but will return on the I90 to Boston (we’ve been there before and the wife loves the city), then drive up to Maine to deliver the rental.

    I’ve planning on about seven weeks for this trip, so time is not of the essence. Any ideas and/or recommendations from anybody out there on what to see and do along the trip, and how to approach the car rental company, especially for such a long ride.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is obvious that you've been reading the Roadtrip USA book, as I know of no other place that refers to any route as "the Great Northern Route." If I remember correctly, that route simply follows US-2 and the obvious extension through Canada.

    I will give you the same advice I give everyone who says they are planning to follow one of Jamie Jensen's routes: There is nothing wrong with those ideas and routes, but you certainly don't need to be locked into one of just 10 possibilities that someone else has come up with. A Roadtrip should be about creating your own adventure that fits your own desires, not just trying to recreate someone elses.

    I will also say that since you have 7 weeks, you really have a lot of options and you don't need to lock yourself into just two highways. I would really think about what it is that you want to see, and build your trip around those things. With the amount of time you have, you certainly could go well beyond just the northern tier of states, or even if you do stay to the north, you might want to expand your trip to do more exploring of say the Canadian Rockies, or Yellowstone and the Tetons, or other things that would be a bit of a detour off of your current roads.

    As far as car rental goes, my only advice is to shop around to lots of different places to find the right prices, and be completely upfront about your plan - especially with regard to traveling into Canada. Since you are returning to the same location, you should be able to get a decent long-term rate.

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    Hi Midwest Michael,

    Thanks for your speedy reply and suggestion. Don't worry, we're not set on any fixed route yet as everything is in the planning stage at the moment. All I know is that I'll have time, and plenty desire. My wife and I have flown East coast to West Coast, starting in Boston, then Deadwood, Billings, Yellowstone and San Francisco.

    But at present it's so many choices yet I'm sure we'll have it figures out. It will also be a flexible trip, so keep those suggestions coming.



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