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    Hi there,

    Me and 2 of my mates are planning a 3 week road trip in America next year. I've been to New York and Vegas and want to go back there but also to other parts of America.

    Originally we were doing just the east coast (Boston to Miami) but could end up doing East to West Coast instead (Boston or New York to LA or San Francisco).

    Want to see in particular New York, 1 day in Philadelphia, Washington, Vegas, San Francisco, Southern Cal (if it's realistic with the time).

    We know the east coast and west coast places we want to visit in the main but aren't sure whether to take the northern, central or southern route from east coast to Vegas. What do you guys recommend? And is 3 weeks enough for this?


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    Three weeks is actually enough to do a bit of all the places you've mentioned. You could start out in Boston or New York and see a bit of the east coast, say down as far as Virginia or North Carolina, then cut southwest to the Gulf Coast at Mobile or New Orleans, then across the Southwest to Los Angeles and finally up the west coast to San Francisco. At a relatively relaxed pace, that would take about a week and a half of driving, leaving you another week and a half to spend in cities and towns along the way. So, pull out a map of the U.S. and see if that general route works for you in terms of getting you all to whatever major attractions you want to see, and then see what else is generally along that line of march. But I think that should generally work for you.


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    I've been away a few days so thanks for the response.

    Currently debating on that sort of trip or just the east coast, starting from Boston and visiting Niagra falls, DC, New York, Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Either way I'm sure we'll enjoy :-)
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