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    Default A Whole bunch of new Mapping Applications

    As you may know, we are working on a custom mapping application for use in planning road trips. But there are some very cool mapping applications already deployed and I thought I share a couple of them -- With the hopes you'll be able to share some of your "finds" with us!

    ****The Colorado Department of Highway Safety has been at the forefront of web technology for a while. Check out this one! Hint: look for one of the little bar images with 3 dots in it -- Click on it and you can read the illuminated sign message boards found at that location on the highways!

    **** Weather Underground has a new road trip planning application. You can choose up to four cities along a given route and then the application will generate a route using Google Maps -- but what's really cool is that when you hover your cursor over each of the waypoints - there is a pop-up window full of really useful weather-related information. And what's really cool --is that you can specify what time of the day you expect to be at those cities and it will provide weather forecasting for each location and all of the points in between based upon the likely rate of travel! Very, very amazing!

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    Just been using the Yahoo trip planner - you have to have a Yahoo ID to do so.

    Can add in destinations, hotels, attractions etc... with a handy time/date option so you can see when you are in each location.

    Here's my trip I am working on-

    Also I have tried the mapquest version which is good bu more difficult to add and remove stops...

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    These tools are soooooo fabulous!!!!!!! Thanks so much!

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