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    Default Best CD-ROM


    Planning to buy CD-ROM for maps and using it with a
    DeLorme Eartmate GPS Receiver hook on my laptop.

    There are severall CD-ROM on the market (DeLorme, Microsoft, Rand McNally, National Geographic.

    Which is the best buy for USA, Canada and Mexico.
    Best buy in term of clarity, compatibility with GPS, etc

    Thank you in advance

    Jean Benoit

    PS: Please, answer by email ( if possible

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    Default Check out our Rating System

    While our <a href = "">rating system</a> focuses on the web-based mapping programs -- there is some information about the CD-based programs too.

    One of our readers has purchased just about every CD mapping program available in North America. Kevin's #1 choice for over-all performance is the Delorme Map'N'Go. He thinks that Rand McNally has better trip planning tools. The overwhelming choice of the regular posters on this forum goes to Streets and Trips.



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