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    We are planning our first road trip for our honeymoon and are planning a 2 week trip in september.

    Ive had a look at some guides etc, but would like to know if this route is viable... too much, too little? too long drives?

    Both of us will be able to drive, so can split, but still dont want to be driving the whole time!

    Day 1: NY
    Day 2: NY->Boston
    Day 3: Boston
    Day 4: Boston -> Lake Placid
    Day 5: Lake Placid / National Forest
    Day 6: Lake Placid -> Niagara Falls
    Day 7: Niagara Falls
    Day 8: Niagara Falls -> Amish Country
    Day 9: Amish Country -> Gettysburg
    Day 10: Gettysburg -> Washington DC
    Day 11: Washington DC
    Day 12: Washington DC -> NYC
    Day 13: NYC
    Day 14: NYC
    Day 15: NYC

    Help appreciated, plus any tips on different routes or where to visit in between :)

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    Well, you're probably looking at three moderate days of driving, total, to complete your circuit. Spread out over 6 days of actual Point A to Point B driving, that means that most of your 'driving' days will require only a half day or so (some longer, some less). And keep in mind that other than the drive from Washington to New York and to a lesser extent the drive from New York to Boston, the routes you'll be covering will be quite scenic and relaxing, part of the enjoyment rather than work.


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    You have an Amish town listed on your map in Northwest or North Central Pennsylvania. I do not know that area of the state well, but the big center of Amish population in Pennsylvania is in Lancaster County, which you will not be surprised to hear is the area around Lancaster, PA. Someone else may correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you'll have a better time in Lancaster County -- it is oriented towards tourism and there are lots of shops and farm stands and things of that nature. When most people speak of Amish Country (or Pennsylvania "Dutch" Country), that is what they are referring to. I spent many days there with my parents as a kid -- one of the big attractions I enjoyed as a kid is the Strasburg Railroad, which is an old steam locomotive railroad through the scenic countryside. It is a very pretty area. Make sure to try some shoefly pie, absolutely delicious.

    I think you may want to drive from Niagara Falls to Gettysburg (which is a pretty full day of driving) one day and then the next day visit Gettysburg and the day after that visit Lancaster County in the morning and drive to DC later in the day. Or something along those lines. Gettysburg and Amish Country are probably about an hour or an hour and a half apart by car so you could just stay in one hotel both of those nights.

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