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    Hi there

    I am from the UK and my family and I are planning our first road trip in America. There's me, my husband and two children who will be aged 8 and 10 when we visit.

    We plan on visiting in August 2009. We would like to visit the following places during our stay:

    SFO (3 or 4 nights in a hotel)
    Lake Tahoe (2 nights)
    Yosemite NP (3 nights)
    Sequoia NP (2 nights)
    LAX (3 nights - at Disneyland)

    We think that this itinerary would be a great mixture of things to do and places to see and hopefully will keep all of us happy! What we want to avoid is endless hours on the road and I think that this would be managable over a 14 night stay. What do you think?

    Currently we are thinking along the lines of renting an RV for the drive through the national parks and staying at camgrounds along the way (I read we need to book six months in advance). We can manage fine without a car in SFO. IN LAX we may exchange the RV for a rental car as I can't imagine trying to drive an RV around LAX!! We are used to camping in a tent so think we would enjoy an RV for a week or so.

    I am sorry if there are similar posts. I have had a quick read through but there is so much to take in, it is mind boggling.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Looks good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've got an excellent plan, and your itinerary should be quite easy to achieve.

    Some other resources from this site you might enjoy: Our How to Rent an RV article, This great RV Field report that includes some of the areas you will be visiting, and some of our favorite threads about this part of the US.

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