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  1. Default Suggestions from experienced RV users for 2 week holiday in Colorado

    We are 4 adults flying from Dublin Ireland to Denver in mid July and picking up an RV for 12 night holiday. As first time venturers in the mid States would appreciate itinerary suggestions.

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    Default a starting point

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is no one size fits all roadtrip, and with 12 days from Denver your potential options would be in the millions. Without having any idea about what you might be interested in, there's just no place for anyone to start giving you any meaningful help.

    Spend some time looking around, getting an idea of things you might like to do. Once you've got a few of the basics down, then others can actually provide info that would be helpful for your specific trip.

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    Default Lot's of options.

    As Michael said, it is worth doing some research and seeing what appeals to you the group the most. You could use I 70 as a line to work from through Colorado and perhaps Utah and either loop North towards Yellowstone NP or take a Southerly option in which case you might find some ideas here.

    Once you have got some dots on the map let us know and we can help out some more.

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