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    Default getting out of TN for one week

    i have nine days of spring break in march and i want to hit the road with my best guy. anyone got a good road trip route starting and ending in tennessee? money is tight, but not nonexistant. i'd like to spend nights camping rather than paying for a hotel...and i'd like to see some great americana. i've been up and down the east coast and he's been out west...maybe somewhere in between? extra plus if there's great local music. thanks!

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    Default New Orleans is close

    Howza 'bout the annual <a href = "">Catfish Festival</a> in Washington, LA the 3rd weekend in March?

    Or maybe a <a href = "">Mountain Dulcimer</a> festival held near Baton Rouge?

    OK -- what kind of local music interests you? What are kinds of things would constitute a fun road trip for you?

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    those are great suggestions, thanks alot mark! i was actually thinking of making our way down to LA via memphis. i've never been to memphis and he's never been to NOLA.
    as for a fun road trip, i am of the school that enjoys the planning aspect of it, but when it gets right down to it i'd rather just take off and see where i end up. having some basic idea of the direction i am heading is nice though. i'd really like to just head out on a route i've never traveled before and stop at anything along the way that catches my eye.
    we're both musicians so any kind of music with local flavor is our cup of tea. it'd be great to catch some live zydeco. i think a trip through LA- not just new orleans- sounds like an exemplary idea!

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    I was thinking New Orleans from the first sentence of your post too!

    Memphis is a cool place. Check out Graceland, whether you're Elvis people or not. New Orleans is only about six or seven hours south of Memphis, from what I remember. Also, ask the locals about good BBQ shacks in Northern Mississippi. Hernando, MS sticks out in my memory BBQ wise!

    Good luck and safe driving.


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