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    I will be driving from seattle to cleveland and back this summer. Any suggestions for the most scenic route? How many days should I take to make the trip? We will have our 7 year old daughter along for the ride. I will most likely be renting a car, my SUV only gets 13 miles per gallon.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There are lots and lots of options between the 2 Cities, to many to start throwing suggestions out there as we know nothing of your interests and whether your goal is to get to Cleveland quickly and spend time there or meander across the country. This will of course come down to the time you have to travel but I would allow 10 days just for driving there and back and recommend taking a different route each way to maximise what you see.

    At this point I would recommend you sit down with a good map of the US and search your way around the forums and start putting some dots on the map of places that are of interest to you and figure out how much time you will have and where you would like to spend it. Once you have made a start I am sure we can throw a few suggestions your way and help to refine what you have.

    Enjoy the planning !

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