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    I'm picking up a car in Cleveland on Tuesday (3/30) and will be driving it home. I've never road-tripped nor have I been east of the rockies before. Any ideas on things I have to see even though I don't have a ton of time (about a week)? Thanks in advance!

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    As you know, highway 90 is right outside Cleveland. Going that route you go through South Dakota which has Mount Rushmore, and Wall Drug store. I've never been to Wall Drugs, but from what I hear, it's a place you have to see. Check it out online if you'd like. Also in S.D., is Badlands National Park.
    Further west, you go through Wyoming which has Yellowstone Park. This time of year might be difficult to see because of the weather, but again, you can check it out online. You'd have to detour off 90 to see Yellowstone, but it's one beautiful place. As far as I'm concerned, the rest of 90 is pretty dull. I have a sister who lives in Superior, Montana, which is right on 90. You can wave as you go through there. Ha Ha!
    Anyway, these are ideas for your road trip. Have a great time, and be sure to check for weather conditions before leaving.

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