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    Planning to take some furniture to our daughter in AZ in April with my 4 yr old grandson. Wondering if anyone has any ideas where to stop, or if there is a more scenic route to suggest.

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    Where to stop would depend on your (and your grandson's) interests and how much time you have for the journey. A "more scenic route" would depend on comparing it to what you're already planning. Without those details, we really can't offer you more than generic (and therefore useless) hints. With them we can give you the kind of help that might make you a bigger hero to your grandson.


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    Well we are leaving on a saturday evening hoping to arrive by Monday evening. The grandson is only 4, nothing too complicated. We drove once before took I-55 to I-44 to I-40 then I-17 into Phoenix. Is this the best route, seemed a little boring. Wonderred where I can find info on different sites or stopping points along the route down. Thanks

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    Sorry, but trying to drive 1800 miles in two days with a young child is not my idea, and certainly won't be your 4 year old's idea, of fun In order to meet your schedule of leaving on Saturday evening and arriving on Monday evening, and get a single good night's sleep so as not to endanger him and everyone else on the road, you will have to drive non-stop for practically the entire remaining 38 hours with no time for any but the most basic food, fuel and bathroom breaks.


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    Chicago to Phoenix is a very full 3 days' drive, 30 hours on the road with bare minimum stops, with a 4 year old and hauling furniture it's going to be more like 12 hours a day. You should be looking at overnight stops in Joplin and Tucumcari. There really isn't anything better than I-55/I-44/I-40. However, you can cut off some miles and get some scenery by getting off I-40 in Holbrook, and taking AZ-77/AZ-377/AZ-277/AZ-260/AZ-87. There 's no point if you are going to be driving this after dark though, and i'd stick to I-17 if that's the case.

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