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    This is my first road trip and I'm driving solo this spring with my two dogs. I was looking for suggestions anyone has on pet friendly hotels on the way.

    Also any must see stops?

    How safe are the rest stops?

    My biggest fear is my car breaking down :(

    Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You will, of course, be following the route of the now decommissioned US-66. As far as pet friendly hotels, if you go to this page, there should be a link to just the resource you want in the upper left corner. Rest stops are generally very safe, especially during the day and on heavily traveled Interstates such as I-55/I-44/I-40, which you'll be following. But your dogs will probably need more exercise than they can get at such confined and noisy places. Check you maps for state and local parks along your route. I usually have no trouble find one every couple of hours or so along a drive, and usually not more than a few miles from an exit. Most will require that your dogs be on a leash, and that you pick up after them, but I think that they, and you, will find the parks much more restful than a 'rest' area. Again, major highways such as you'll be driving are regularly patrolled by the State Police. Just stay with your car and a trooper should be along before too long. If you have a cell phone, 911 (or sometimes *9) will bring help more quickly. But if this is really a worry, then you should sign up now for AAA or some other roadside assistance provider. The peace of mind would, I think, be worth the price of membership even if you never need them.


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    Thanks AZBuck.

    I do have AAA so I guess I'm a little safe.

    Is Route 66 a different road than the I55 and 40?

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    Default Route 66

    Technically, US-66 does not exist anymore. It has been decommissioned and wholly replaced by I-55/I-44/I-40. But it was (and is) an historically significant road, and so in many places along your drive you will see signs for "Historic US 66". These stretches of the old Mother Road will run parallel to the Interstate highways listed above and can provide a welcome change when highway hypnosis starts to set in.


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    Default decommissioned

    Route 66 technically doesn't exist anymore, it was stripped of its official highway status many years ago. However, there are still stretches of the road that exist, and some of the neon-lit businesses and other attractions that were founded along that road are still there to be enjoyed.

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    Thank you
    I am looking forward to seeing some of the historic signs. My parents often talk about Route 66..

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