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    I have to drive from Phoenix to Seattle around the weekend of Feb 12 ; planning 3-4 days. My question is about the scenic route :

    I know I could just take I10 to I5 and that would be easy and fast. But it's also very boring and I've done it a million times.

    I'd love an alternative on the east side of the Sierra that's more scenic or just something different. Some options I've spotted are :

    93 through Vegas to NV 318 back to 93 to Twin Falls to the 84 to Seattle

    17 to 89 through Flagstaff, to I15 in Utah either via the 389 or taking the 89 all the way to the 70 (and then the 15 to the 84)

    Anyone familiar with these routes that can advise? Is one more interesting? Also is there a way to route so that I avoid the worst of possible snowy back roads?


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    Each of the three routes you outline is roughly 1500 miles and three days worth of driving. none of the routes is inherently 'better' than the others, but if you have had your fill of I-10/I-5 for the time being, then by all means, explore one of the other two. The route up through eastern Nevada will be very sparsely populated and you will mostly have US-93 and NV-318 to yourself, so make sure you keep your gas tank above a quarter and have plenty of water with you. The route up through western Utah will take you by Zion, Cedar Breaks, Bryce Canyon and the Great Salt Lake, so if you have that fourth day available you can spend it in some very beautiful spots. But there's simply no way to know this early what the weather will be like. That you'll have to check just before you leave and, if necessary, adjust your plans accordingly.


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