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    stine Guest

    Default seattle-san diego-phoenix


    sick of seattle weather, moving south to arizona for some heat! me and my girlfriend want to know what attractions we should stop for. also if you know anything about I-8 into phoenix from san diego let me know...... any advice is definetly welcome.


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default I-8 tp Phoenix

    I-8 doesn't actually go to Phoenix. Unless you want or need to go to San Diego first, the faster route would be to pick up I-10 out of Los Angeles direct to Phoenix. If you do go through San Diego, you can take I-8 to Gila Bend then AZ-85 up to I-10 and on into Phoenix. To answer your specific question about I-8, it is urban freeway through the San Diego suburbs (about 40 miles), makes gentle climbs and easy curves through the mountains (about 60 miles) then is pretty much desert for the rest of the way.

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    stine Guest

    Default seattle-san diego-phoenix

    thanks for the info. do you know if there will be cell phone service leaving san diego on i-8 into phoenix?

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Cell Phone Coverage

    I expeect it depends somewhat on who your service provider is but for most, cell phone service ought to be available throughout that area. Like anywhere else, there may be some dead spots when you are shielded from any cell but I have found very few places in the country where I could not get good reception.

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