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    Hi everyone.
    My friend and I are thinking about driving from phx to seattle and back. Seeing things like the grand canyon, seattle, san Fran and then back down to phx. We'll have two weeks. Is this possible? Has anyone done this route? In april is it snowy ( i know weather these days are unprdictable, but how are they usually?)
    Any feedback would be great! Thanks


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    2 Weeks should really give you quite a bit of time to explore. You can make the trip straight pretty easily in 3 days one way, so you really do have quite a few days to explore.

    April should be a pretty nice time to travel. Its getting warmer, but the summer crowds are still a ways away. Many of the mountain passes will still be closed, and while snow is certainly possible in the high elevations, if you are on the main highways, you'll probably avoid any major problems.

    I have only driven a few parts of this journey, so I can't provide much else specific advice, but there are some other RTA members who are very experienced with the roads between Arizona and Washington, I bet they'll be able to provide some more specific help.

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    Thanks so much for replying. I'm glad to know its possible. Now I have alot of planning to do. Thanks again!


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