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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Motels on Route 66 and Returning on I-5, I-70, and I-80

    I kept a list of motels we stayed at on the trip. These prices were for two double beds or one king-size and included tax.

    Sept.22nd, 23rd- President Abraham Lincoln Hotel- Springfield, Il.- $106 a
    night, including parking.
    Sept. 24th- Munger-Moss Motel- Lebanon, Mo.- $47
    Sept. 25th- Townsman Motel- Miami, Ok.- $41
    Sept. 26th- Executive Inn- Oklahoma City, Ok.- $52
    Sept. 27th- Baymont- Amarillo, Tx.- $59
    Sept. 28th- Rodeway Inn- Albuquerque, NM- $39
    Sept. 29th- El Rancho- Gallup, NM- $61
    Sept. 30th- Motel 6- Flagstaff, Az.- $50
    Oct. 1st- Rodeway Inn- Williams, Az.- $50
    Oct. 2nd- Travelodge- Kingman, Az.- $50
    Oct. 3rd- Budget Inn- Victorville, Ca.- $57
    Oct. 4th and 5th- Redondo Pier Inn- Redondo Beach, Ca.- $90 a night
    Oct. 6th- Travelodge- Las Vegas, Nv.- $110
    Oct. 7th- Motel 6- Cedar City, Ut.- $42
    Oct. 8th- Country Inn- Grand Junction, Co.- $42
    Oct. 9th- Royal Colonial- North Platte, Ne.- $50
    Oct. 10th- Days Inn- Des Moines, Ia.- $60


    From the 6th on, we were on our return trip.

    The Munger-Moss and El Rancho motels are the real old timey places on Rt. 66. The M-M is a mom and pop place, be prepared to talk 66 with the Lehman's.

    The El Rancho dates to the 20s and many movie stars have stayed there.

    The Abraham Lincoln is in downtown Springfield with all its nightlife and history, two blocks from the Lincoln Home and about five from the new Lincoln Museum.

    The Rodeway Inn is within a few blocks of downtown Williams with all its 66 stuff and unique old bars. However, the next time through, I would stay at the Grand Motel or the Lodge, both heavy into 66 and the real deal.

    The Redondo Pier Inn is a couple blocks from the famous Redondo Pier, right on the Pacific Coast Highway, and well worth a visit. We spent a lot of hours up at the top of Tony's enjoying the music, drinks, and friendly folks.

    Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to stay in either Wig Wam motel in Holbrook, Az. or Rialto, Ca. We were at both places too early in the afternoon.

    We generally picked our motels from the travel coupon books or 66 knowledge. We also looked for places within walking distance of a bar whenever possible. Had to get that road grit out of our mouths.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. -RoadDog

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    thank you for the report and for the link - Can't believe that in less than 3 months all of this becomes reality to me :)

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Time of Your Life

    I'm glad I could be of help. That is one great drive. Enjoy.

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Loss of the Pighip

    The famous Pighip Restaurant/Museum in Broadwell, Illinois (just horth of Springfield), burned down March 5th, 2007. Fortunately, owners Ernie and Fran Edwards were not there at the time.

    This has been a favorite stop along Route 66 since the late thirties, although it hasn't operated as a restaurant since the nineties. Ernie Edwards is known far and wide for his great stories and hopefully he will find a new place from whence to tell them.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Some Route 66 Doins

    April 12-15th Model A MARC national convention in Joliet, Illinois.

    May 5-6th will be the Red Carpet Corridor Celebration in Illinois from Joliet to Towanda. Twelve towns will be having garage sales, enetertainment, food and fun.

    June 2nd- Joliet Kicks celebration in Joliet Illinois

    June 21st to 24th- Clinton, Oklahoma- Route 66 Festival

    I will be at the Model A get together manning the Lincoln Highway booth. Hopefully at the Clinton, Ok., festival if we can get from Fort Morgan, Co., where we'll be attending the 2007 Lincoln Highway Conference from June 17th to 22nd.

    After previewing this, I see that the Joliet Kicks url doesn't work, but you can search it.

    Keep on Down that Two lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Route 66 Joliet to Pontiac, Illinois Part 1

    I was on a quick trip on Route 66 this past weekend, April 14-15.

    On Saturday, I manned the Lincoln Highway booth at the MARC (Model A Restorers Club) convention in Joliet. This year's theme "Meet Me at the Crossroads." Very appropriate considering 66, Lincoln Highway (US-30), US-6 and US-52, as well as I-55, and I-80 pass through it and that is not mentioning the railroads and canals.

    The 360 attendees had the opportunity to take self-guided tours on both 66 and Lincoln. I talked about both roads and explained how Illinois has the best-marked historic road signage in any state. You essentially could drive both routes without a map, that's how good they are. The same applies to the National Road farther downstate.

    I abandoned my post just once when I got a chance to take a ride in a Model A. I've never had the opportunity to do that before. Sure makes you appreciate the comforts of today's cars. Now I understand why early roads were so narrow; narrow cars. The driver and I were shoulder to shoulder.

    We sure turned a lot of heads as we travelled down US-6 by the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal. Loved the heater, which turned out to be engine heat. Then there was that crazy floating fuel gauge.

    This particular vehicle was originally made in Canada. I didn't know the early cars were made outside of the US.

    Upon completion of my tour of duty, I took the 66 alignment from Joliet to Wilmington, one of my favorites. This gives you a good idea of the road back in its hey-day 50s when it was four lane through the Illinois prairie. It is now two lane, except around bigger towns where the other lanes are still used. The unused lanes are often still there, but slowly being taken over by nature. Past Dwight, at times the other two lanes are under I-55.

    That great Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Restaurant greets you at the north side of Wilmington. There doesn't appear to many more progress at the historic 1830s and supposedly haunted Eagle Hotel right downtown and by the river. Of course, then is the 1950s Van Duyne Motel "Best Motel by a Dam Site" right by the river. As you might figure, it is located right by a dam, but good play on words.

    More to come...

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    Default a ride in a Model A

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadDog View Post
    We sure turned a lot of heads as we travelled down US-6 by the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal. Loved the heater, which turned out to be engine heat. Then there was that crazy floating fuel gauge.
    Thanks for this field report -- nice to imagine being out there on the highway today!


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    Default Riviera Restaurant, Gardner, Illinois -Part 2

    Next stop was at the famous Riviera, dating from 1928 just north of Garnner. I gave owners Bob and Peggy Kraft a copy of the Route 66 self-guided tour. As usual, the place was busy. You have to go downstairs and food comes to you from upstairs via a dumbwaiter. Your orders goes up a clothesline attached with clothespins.

    Bob had quite a collection of battery operated machines behind the bar as well as stalagtites hanging from the ceiling. Make sure you ask him why he is the "luckiest man in the world." A trip to the bathroom throne is a REAL experience. Just watch your step. I understand it is the same in the ladies. Love the "Al Capone passed gas here" sign. It is reputed that this was a regular stop for the gangster kingpin. There is a hidden room where they would put the slots machines when an raid was imminent.

    The food is some of the best you'll ever have. And make sure you wash it down with some of that great Route 66 Beer, some mighty good root beer.

    Out back, the Route 66 Association of Illinois has restored a former horsedrawn streetcar that was turned into a diner in 1932.

    Proceeded into downtown Gardner and past the famous two cell jailhouse Someone has recently stolen the sign to it. Now who would steal a jail sign?

    Stopped at Everybuddy's on the main street. It was a German restaurant for many uears and done up in a Swiss Alps style.

    I didn't eat at either of these places as I was saving my appetite for a place a bit farther down the road.

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default "37 Miles of Smiles" in Illinois

    Logan County, Illinois, which has really taken the ball and running with it for its Route 66 heritage, will be having a garage sale all along its length of the Mother Road this June 9-10th. It will be called "37 Miles of Smiles" and along with the garage sales will also have vendors at selected locations.

    This will be in conjuction with the 91st birthday of Ernie Edwards, "The Old Coot on Route 66." He operated the famous Pig Hip Restaurant in Broadwell from 1937 to 1992. He finally retired when he said the equipment was getting old and so was he and wife Fran. People came from all over to get a famous Pig Hip sandwich.

    A few years back, the restaurant was turned into the Pig Hip Museum where Ernie would sit for hours telling his great stories. Many a time we stopped by to say hi and ended up there for an hour or more, the stories were that good.

    Sadly, the museum burned completely down this past March.

    I stopped by this past April on my way to do a Dixie/Jackson Highway cruise in Kentucky and here the 91 year-old man was out working on a split rail fence. I helped him. Anyone ever have a fence rail fall on their foot? Not a pleasant experience, not to mention splinters.

    Also, June 9th, the Route 66 Association of Illinois will be stopping at the site to honor Ernie on its annual motor tour.

    The towns of Atlanta (home of the world's ugliest water tower) and Tall Paul, Lawndale, Lincoln, Broadwell, and Elkhart will be participating it.

    Now WHY would Anyone Want to Paint a Smiley Face on their Watertower. --RoadDog

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    Default Article on Rt 66 motel conditions

    I've never been able to to do the whole trip from beginning to end, but because I lived in Chicago and covered half of it during that time, and live in San Diego, plus driving cross country to visit family in NY, I've been able to cover most of it.

    Hopefully some of the business owners and money raisers will keep up the work, but if no money is coming in to some of the businesses, it's going to be rough to keep some of the businesses open, even though some of the buildings along that road are interesting in themselves, having gone over the 100 year mark.

    It does seem just within the past 10 years more upkeep going on, unfortunately there are a few not so safe neighborhoods that it runs through, but those communities could also see the $$ factor in tourism.

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