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    J.L. Guest

    Default Marco!


    Your site is AMAZING!! I've been looking all morning for information on an trip we're taking this summer. We've been to AAA but they don't seem to have many tips or off the beaten path information. We would appreciate any information/tips/adventures anyone wants to share. Our info:

    We leave MA on July 28 and return around Sept. 1.

    We're in gradute school so I'm guessing their must be student discounts along the way.

    We're in the process of looking for a van or RV with unlimited milage but we're not sure if there's a better way. We plan on camping most of the way.

    So far our trip includes Grand Teton NP, Crater Lake, Redwood NP, Napa, San Fran, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia NP, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mtn. NP, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badlands. I'm sure we're missing some great stops along the way.

    So far it's been suggested that we go the Glacier NP, the painted dessert, and purchase a National Parks pass - what do you think? How does the NP pass work and how many should we purchase?

    Thanks for a GREAT site and any information!
    Happy Traveling!!!

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    Glen Davis Guest

    Default National Parks and park passes.

    First of all, I'd just like to say, I wish I could go along.My wife and I made a similar trip a few years ago. The park passes are easy, just request a one year pass at the first park you come to. I think they were called Golden Eagle passes. They give you unlimited entrances to all national parks for one year. If I could make a suggestion, fly to Denver, rent your van there, and save yourself about two thousand miles driving in each direction. This would give you plenty of time and you'll get plenty of road tripping in anyway. We loved Glacier park also, along with Rainier, Redwood and Teton. Watch for moose in Teton.Also, check out some of the Pacific coast highway between SF and Redwood. Good luck, and relish every minute of your trip.

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    Patrick McNeil Guest

    Default See you on the road?

    I agree with Glen. Don't try driving all the way from MA. By the time you get west, you'll be ready for the trip to end.

    My wife and two nieces are also traveling that direction from Florida in less than two weeks. The national park pass is a MUST! Many of the parks will charge you $20+ to go in each time. For $50, unlimited access for a full year. Go to for more information on the pass and be sure to check out the park pages.

    There are many books on the market with good information, but we have found "Moon Travel Handbooks", "Let's Go USA" and Fodor's "National Parks of the West" the best on the market. The Moon handbooks are well written, provides out of the way sites, maps, lodging information and an historical background to the areas. They are by state and not that expensive, most around $18 to $20.

    Like I said, we will be leaving Tampa in two weeks and we are really looking forward to it. Since you are not leaving until the end of July, you can take a look at our trip page and see some of the sites before you go.

    Enjoy your trip!!

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