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    Default New York to California in 35 Days - mission accomplished

    Well since I got so much pre-trip support, I just wanted to come back to post an update as I've finally returned from my journey across America.

    I started the trip October 19th by picking up the car at LaGuardia Airport in New York. I arrived to Northern California November 20th in time for a feast!

    It was an unforgetable experience which I captured on video as much as possible. Plus I took about 1200 or so pictures.

    HIGHLIGHTS - just a few mind you!

    The folliage across CT. So stunning. Pizza in Mystic, CT.

    The honeymoon suite with jacuzzi and fireplace at Niagara Falls (ironic for a single woman!) :)

    San Antonia's River Walk

    The Congress Hotel, Tucson. A funky vintage hotel with no TVs in any room!

    Sedona - such beautiful red hills around the whole area.

    The mule ride from the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. (6 hours not so easy on the toosh, but a once in a lifetime experience) ;)

    Getting some "kicks" on Route 66 - in Arizona.

    A walk along the boardwalk at Santa Monica's pier.


    I didn't get a Mustang as I'd hoped for, but I did bond with my pale blue Sonata which ending up costing me 50.00 a day in the end, plus a three hundred dollar one-way drop-off fee....


    I estimated at $ 2.50 per gallon on average and never really paid that at all.

    The cheapest gas I saw was $ 1.92 - across the street from Graceland!

    The most expensive about $ 2.64 - Chicago. LA quite high too...

    I also estimated I'd do 5000 miles and it ended up being 5,900 in the end.

    I ventured through sixteen states.

    As I whizzed up 101 from LA to the Bay Area, the final leg of the journey, I was already wondering when I could do it again. Like so many of you, I am hooked. Shame I no longer actually LIVE in this country.

    Because I cut the trip a bit short, (due to bad scheduling on my part), I am driving up to SF for a few days and on to the wine country Sonoma County for the weekend. Next week I fly to Vegas for a single night in the in a way the trip is still going but the road trip in the rental car is over.

    Well I could go on for ages but I won't.... :) That's more than enough!

    Hopefully it will be a little helpful in some ways. I will come up with an average price of gas once I finish my spreadsheet of expenses!

    Best wishes all,


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    Default Mission Accomplished I

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadTripper 912 View Post
    As I whizzed up 101 from LA to the Bay Area, the final leg of the journey, I was already wondering when I could do it again.
    Yep, it is easy to get hooked on this activity -- Thanks for this report and we look forward to Mission Accomplished II!


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    Default I'm so glad you had a great time!

    It's addicting, isn't it?

    Thanks for the report. Feel free to write more. Some of us really don't get away much and we love to travel vicariously through the rest of you.

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    Default Just in Your Neck of the Woods

    I was in the British Isles for 3 weeks back in July. You have the scenery and sights as well, but very expensive gas, especially for those of us from the US.

    Spent two days in Edinburgh.

    I imagine you loved US prices since the pound is worth twice as much.

    I was glad you got a chance to drive some of 66. Did you go to Oatman and that stretch?

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    Default Route 66

    I enjoyed Route 66. I did Seligman to Kingman. Saw a bit of Flagstaff and Williams too. There was actually an accident on the road while I was there. This woman and her baby had managed to spin out and end up parallel to the road in a ditch. They were ok, I went back and checked (and had to drive two or so miles back up the road to the nearest house/phone for 911)! Drama drama!

    But you know what, I think I'll plan on doin' Chicago to California in the next year or two on Route 66. No more one-way car rentals for me though :)

    As for the UK the price of gas/petrol there is a joke. It's pure tax and about 4x as expensive per gallon. I am glad I don't need to drive much in the UK (work from home and near home).

    I was glad to be here pre-election when prices were so low here. The price of gas has gone up a dime in the past week alone here in the Bay Area.

    Only a week left here in the states. My how ten or so weeks flies.

    Happy hols,

    PS: Yeah Judy - addictive indeed!

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