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  1. Default What's are best local restaurants on a road trip from Toronto to Miami?

    I'm going on a road trip from Toronto to Miami. My wife, myself and my 16 month old are targeting Miami taking 5-6 days each way. Our goal is to drive 6 hours a day and enjoying as much tasty food as possible. After watching shows like Drive In, Diners and Dives and Feasting on Asphalt on Food Network, we decided we need to stop in as many of those places as possible.

    We're looking for some help and guidance.

    1. What's the best route from Toronto to Miami?
    2. Where is the best regional food from each area? We love real barbecue and each area in the south has specific delicacies. We're looking for places that really represent that area.
    3. It has to be baby friendly. The good thing is Mr. Baby does like his BBQ.

    We are thinking of making a bit of a loop. Take 75 south south to Miami and then 95 back north to Toronto (or vice versa).

    Any help and suggestions with restaurants, lodging, attractions, etc would be much appreciated.

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    Default inquire locally

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    For finding the best local food, the best advice is often to ask a local. Certainly, there are some resources, like the shows you've mentioned, and many many books that will offer such suggestions. However, there's also the fact that the odds that you'll be hungry when going through a town with a particular restaurant can be very hit or miss, and the restaurant business being what it is, a great place to eat one day can be out of business or under new management the next. There's also a "look" of a restaurant -like the number of cars in the parking lot- that can be a big hint about a place.

    The most direct route appears to be to go to Cleveland via I-90/Buffalo, straight down I-77 to Columbia SC, and then I-26 to I-95. Going via I-75 through Detroit adds about 100 miles, but could be a good alternate to have a different route for your return trip. And with 6 days each way, you really don't have to stick to the Interstates, so you could look at a number of US Highways - where it can be easier to find those good local non-chain places anyway.

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    If you are looking for decent mainstream BBQ, there's a chain in 9 Southern states called Sonny's Real Pit BBQ. It's not going to be as special as some of the "hole in the wall" joints but you will get a decent and reasonably authentic meal there. Most of them are in Florida. They are very informal and family-friendly.

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