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  1. Default Toronto to California Road Trip | Mid Dec 2008

    Hello everyone,

    Just registered on this forum looking for some suggestions and guidance to make this road trip possible. I have done a little bit of search but didn't have much luck in finding details for this route. I know some of you would be thinking why not Fly... ? basically the whole idea of this trip is to cover as many places as we can while enjoying the scenic view / landscapes along the route.

    During of the trip: 15-16 days i.e. Dec 20th - Jan 4th
    Group: 4-5 guys in mid 20s
    Budget: $1000-$1500 per person (all inclusive i.e gas, accommodation, food expense e.t.c)

    Toronto leaving on Dec 20th
    Colorado Springs ---> Not sure if this would be a good idea during late DEC - weather conditions, the other option would be to go further south via New Mexico ... suggestions ?
    -Great Sand Dunes National Park
    -Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park
    -Colorado National Mon
    -Aspen, Colorado
    Grand Canyon
    Las Vegas 3-4 days stay
    Death Valley, California
    •Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley
    Los Angeles, California
    Hwy 1 Costal route
    -Yosemite National Park, California
    -Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota
    Chicago, IL
    Toronto back on Jan 4th

    The itinerary above is basically what i have gathered after searching in the last few days. The bold regions above are main places where we would like to visit in general and the rest would be areas that we might stop along the way. Can some one please help us plan our trip and help us suggest few things ?

    - Approximate days (time) we should look to spend at each location?
    - Where are some good stops / attractions along the route (national parks, landmarks)?
    - Key locations (i.e. beaches and nightlife) to possibly spend a day or two in California.

    I would appreciate any sort of suggestions that you may have. thanks!
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    Default A bit ambitious ?

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    I know some of you would be thinking why not Fly... ?
    We are all about the road trip ;-)

    During of the trip: 15-16 days i.e. Dec 20th - Jan 4th
    Group: 4-5 guys in mid 20s
    I hope you all get on well, 8 hours cramped in a car can test the best of friends each day. It's important that you all have a hand in planning and know what each individual wants from the trip. The Compatibility quiz is a light hearted way to get discussions under way.

    This is a discussion on how many miles is it safe to travel in one day. With your trip [at a rough estimate] being over 6000 miles it puts you in the car for 10 hours a day for approx 11 days of your 15/16 available.
    [This is without any consideration to adverse weather conditions]

    - Approximate days (time) we should look to spend at each location?
    Not to many to spare given your time against distance to travel, I think you will be grabbing a few hours/ nights here and there.
    Your trip is doable but it might become a bit of a challenge and I can't help but think you may get more from a road trip by cutting back a bit and having more time to enjoy the surroundings and give yourselves more breathing space.

    Have a good search of the forums and the Roadtrip planning pages [found in the green bar at the top of the page] for info and let us know if you have any further questions.
    Here is a link to the National parks website where you can navigate your way around all the parks of interest.

  3. Default Driving through Colorado - looking for Suggestions

    Hi Everyone,

    We are planning on driving through Colorado going west in Mid December and will be looking to spend a couple of days there. Our planned route is along I70 but we'd be willing to go out of the way for some cool/unique sights. We have never been to Colorado before and are generally interested in site seeing and covering the main attractions . If anyone has any suggestions of things we shouldn't miss, please share

    Also suggestions on where we should be staying in Colorado... we were thinking to spend a night in Colorado springs or Denver and one night in actin perhaps ?

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    Default Glenwood Springs

    Hello Netio,

    I can't read your thoughts about a possible second night's stay. Perhaps a typo on your part.

    Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend a wintertime stop at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort in Glenwood Springs. I spent a week there about 8 years ago and used it as a base for skiing Aspen/Snowmass and other ski areas. Unless something has changed, overnight guests at the hotel have use of the hot springs pools, locker rooms, and showers included with the fee. The hot springs pools are huge, some 300' long by 75' wide and are zoned by temperature. It's great to take an outside soak in a hot springs pool while the snow flies and steam plumes arise all around you. Within walking distance, over a footbridge spanning the Colorado River and I-70, are some enjoyable and good restaurants and bars in downtown Glenwood Springs.

    The last time I was there we took a side-trip off of I-70 up US 24 from Minturn (sp?) to Tennessee Pass. Along the way you get up close and personal with some alpine terrain, and military history buffs will enjoy seeing Camp Hale, where the 10th Mountain Division trained during WWII. Members of the 10th returned from the war to almost single-handedly found the ski industry in Aspen, Park City, and other Western locales.

    Further west, near Grand Junction, lies Colorado National Monument, a canyonlands terrain overlooking the valley of the Colorado River along which I-70 runs. It's essentially a loop route through the NM and is readily accessible from I-70. I don't know how much is accessible in winter, however, so check ahead before assuming you can go there.

    Back to the east, between Idaho Springs and the Eisenhower Tunnel, is Georgetown Lake. On winter weekends, all sorts of ice races (motorsports) and similar events take place on the frozen lake. I've never stopped to watch but have been sorely tempted to do so.

    That's a great time to travel through Colorado. Enjoy!


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    Default changed your tune?

    Have you significantly changed your travel plans? I think you'll have a very hard time cramming 2 nights in Colorado into this trip unless you've made some significant changes.

    I'm not sure where you were talking about for a 2nd night? Did you mean to say Aspen? One thing you should know is that resort towns will be VERY expensive. You'll probably need to be at least 30-45 miles from the town before you find even moderately prices places to stay.

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