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  1. Default Road trip from Toronto to USA border states?

    Hey all I am planning to take a road trip from Toronto to the USA for some shopping and sightseeing this July 1st long weekend, I can only be gone for 2 days and am in need of suggestions, what are your suggestions? chicago? New Jersey? pennsylvania? Ive heard shopping is good in Pennsylvania, where in Pennsylvania should I go?

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    Default Chicago might be nice...

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I would think Chicago could be a nice choice. Its a fairly long drive, but it can be done in a day. However, Boston, or New York could be options that would likely be closer, as would Detroit or Cleveland. I'm not a big shopper, so I can't provide lots of help with specifics.

    I might avoid Philly this weekend, just because of the weather and flooding problems that have plauged that area this week.

    Also, just a warning, since this is part of the 4th of July holiday weekend here, I would expect somewhat longer than usual delays in crossing the border. Make sure to either bring a passport or a Drivers License AND Birth Certificate for your trip across the border.

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    One of the outlet shopping areas in PA is Reading. It is near Lancaster, the Amish country. Michael is right about PA. The flooding is terrible. Many rivers are out of their banks. Philadelphia (on the Delaware R.) and Gettysburg (south of Harrisburg) are also two other nice places. Valley Forge, too, is just outside Phildadelphia. All three are full of US history - our founding fathers, Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

    Another touristy small village type town is New Hope on the Delaware River. Peddler's Village is about 10 miles south of New Hope on Rt 202 and is another shopping area. This area has floods shown on the Weather Channel. These are a few places to visit in the future. Have a nice trip to the US this weekend.


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    Thanks a lot guys, I just heard about the flooding in PA so thats a NO NO, im thinking maybe boston or buffalo, I heard there is an outlet mall area in buffalo thats good for some shopping, cleveland is also a good idea, thanks again, this is a great site.

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