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    So I've been google-ing around, and haven't quite found what I'm looking for, so I'll pick your brains. I need state by state weather...every site I've found wants me to enter a zip code for the area weather I want, but I need a much bigger picture. For as many days in advance as possible. Anybody have a favorite site?

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    ALL commercial weather forecasts are based on the work of the National Weather Service section of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). If you go to their website, you'll find 5-7 day forecasts for various regions (but not state by state) of the country. Click on "Go to State/Region" at the upper left of the U.S. Map an choose the region of interest from the drop down menu. Then click on "Tonight" to choose which future day you'd like to see. The various boxes in the matrix at left will let you choose which aspect of the weather you wish to see and what time you want it for.


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    Default Traveling weather- real-time and forecasts

    Hello Araya Sunshine,

    For over 4 years, I've been very happy with the cellphone service called "MyCast". I think it's about $4/month on my Alltel (now Verizon) bill. A modern phone is required due to the graphics.

    The easiest way to get MyCast to aid with traveling is to use zip codes, but a city/state can be keyed in. Once that's done, the memory saves many locations so switching back and forth is simple. There are 3 zoom settings, too. The first is about the size of a county here in NC--highly localized. The middle level shows my state and parts of surrounding states. The top level shows around 1/2 of the US.

    For any location, a "forecast text" provides weather forecast details such as precip, high and low temps, and wind direction and speeds, and does so for several days out.

    Like I said, I'm very happy with mine and would not travel without it.


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    Default does have forecast maps for the whole country up to a week in advance. Look for "Weekly Planner". See if this direct link works.

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    Worked great, thank you! Thanks also for all the responses. I avoided the weather just fine and made it to California!

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