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    Default Need some info fast..Los angeles to Detroit

    I will be leaving Los angeles on Thursday the 21st at 5 in the morning and I will be looking to push it to Denver hopefully that same this possible? if any of you have done this any info would be great...Also the next day im looking to make it to Iowa city, Iowa for the evening and then by Saturday to make it into Detroit area for the 23rd. If any of you out there could help me with some info such as which route is better the Northern or Southern? I am planning a Northern route which seems quicker. Any info is appreciated such as places to some good places to stop and take a break from driving for an hour and some nice places to stay at along my stops and some good places to eat at. Cost isnt a issue because we really want to enjoy this trip as part of our move. Me and my wife and Brother and Brother in law will be going with 2 cars(Dodge neon and Ford ranger). Thank you for any info

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    Welcome to the RTA forum! Are you serving in the Navy? If so, thank you for serving during these dangerous times. So many others are afraid to make that committment. I appreciate the sacrifices our service people make.

    The two parts of your post are mutually exclusive. Sorry, but a speed run like you are proposing just doesn't go with "good places to stop," etc.

    Can your drive be done in 3 days? Yes. It's about 2300 miles and 32+ hours driving time (please note the PLUS). I seriously doubt you'd make it in 32 hours driving time, as that means you'd have to average 71 mph while on the road. That's just not possible for the average, law abiding driver, especially one who has to consider the needs of 3 additional people. This does not include your stops for gas, rest, & meals, etc. These are killer days -- over 750 miles each. That's real tough to accomplish. Here's an easier way to figure this -- if you figure in normal stops for rest and gas (only), and a very quick lunch stop (fast food), these would be 14.5 hour days.

    Now, if you want to stretch it to 4 days, it's a little better. Then it's only 575 miles per day -- still a long driving day, by any measure -- about 11 hours, with short normal stops figured in, as in the last example.

    If you'd care to take even more time (more than 4 days), we can suggest some great places to stop and see things along this route. What say you? Bob

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