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    Hey guys,

    Not sure if anyone cares, but I spent about a week camping in Acadia NP in the first week of September. It was just beautiful! I got some good pics and the scenery is really unique. Falls colors hadn't set in yet, but it was cool during the nights, and very pleasant during the day.

    The people from that area seem to be so different from all the other forest-y places I have been to. Most importantly, I did not face racism like I usually do. Even the cops did not even pay any attention to me! which was really weird, and so refreshing! Bar Harbor even had two organic stores and I was able to get organic vegan stuff there. Quite a yuppy place I have to say. People seemed to be quite friendly, open and even talked to me!

    Here is a link to most of the pics:

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    Default Absolutely Gorgeous Photos

    I really enjoyed your photos from this year's trip.

    Since just about any subject is "open" here -- Have we discussed your experiences on the road before WRT racism? I really don't recall that part of any prior discussion. What kinds of things have happened to you and where in the country did this happen?


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    Default Wow!

    Great set of photos; enjoyed them immensely. Thanks for sharing!

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    Agreed, these are amazing photos.

    We'll be in Acadia NP this Friday. Where exactly did you go? Did you take the loop? Or did you do some hiking? Which lighthouse was that you visited?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinless View Post
    Agreed, these are amazing photos.

    We'll be in Acadia NP this Friday. Where exactly did you go? Did you take the loop? Or did you do some hiking? Which lighthouse was that you visited?
    That would be Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse which is, if I'm not mistaken the only one in the park on open grounds.

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    Default Thanks !

    Not sure if anyone cares,
    We most certainly do ;-) Stunning pictures, thanks for sharing.

  7. Default Thanks guys

    This is indeed the Bass Harbor lighthouse. It is close to the Seawall campground in the southwest/western part of the park. I preferred this part as it was less crowded.

    Also, when you mean the loop, are you referring to the scenic driving loop on the eastern part of the park (which includes otter cliffs, thunderhole etc.)? Yes, I got up at 4 am every day and would try to catch the sun rising. The lighthouse is not on this drive though.

    Mark, I never discussed racism here on this forum as it was the norm I experienced (why mention usual things :). Only when I did not face it (at least ostensibly) that I bought up the non racism part (as it had never happened before). I was pleasantly surprised. I faced bad behaviour almost everywhere I go (as I typically got the boonies), but it was the south (TN/KY) that I faced the most. Just too many things to even list.

    Btw, when I read articles here on this site about small town hospitality etc. I know it does not apply to me. I can expect no such thing. At the most, I can expect people to answer my questions and that's it. I know there might be exceptions (like this Acadia experience) but it's like 1 in 50. so just too rare.

    I have accepted that being a minority traveler/camper in this country is difficult. I know this is a racist country and I just to have to manage. I just hope I do not get lynched one day in the south.

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    These photos are sensational! You really have a gift Dinesh.

    WRT racism, I think we live in disappointing times when we come to expect it as the "norm". In fact that makes me angry! I know it is a little bit of an "unrealistic, everything should be butterflies and sunshine" view, but EVERYONE SHOULD be able to enjoy the great outdoors and nature at its best without having to feel awkward or shunned.

    All I have to say is get out there, enjoy...and to all those single minded horrible people who have little tolerance for others, please remember that nature is full of diversity and that is what makes it great.

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