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    Default A wee bit different trip across the US Nov/Dec 2009

    Hi there!

    I'm seeking some assistance from all you helpful people... I'm Scottish, and am planning a 3 week cross-America road-trip to understand the US in 2009 a bit better as pat of a round-the-world trip.

    BACKGROUND: I gave up my job and set off round the world last November at the age of 37, to witness how things are changing in 2009. I've spent 6 months in India, and nearly 3 months in China. I'm about to go overland through South East Asia to Australia, and then will hit West Coast N America (could be LA, SF or even Vancouver) in mid-late November on or around Thanksgiving...

    THE AIM/AGENDA FOR THE TRIP: Seeing change in India/China has been amazing, and the aim of the US leg is therefore to put this in some sort of (Western World) context one year on. (Of course I'd also like to see the beauty of the US). I'm pretty good at meeting people and chatting, so I'd like to plan a route that takes in a cross-section of American society to talk to. (I left the UK a few days after Obama's victory, and in the middle of the chaos of the Credit Crunch. The outcome of all this travelling will be a book).

    CONSTRAINTS: Not many to be honest, although I might like to look in on a friend in Lincoln Nebraska (though this isn't absolutely necessary), and I need to be in New York by mid-late December (going home for Christmas...)

    WHAT I NEED FROM YOU!: I'd love some suggestions on route, given the above... Also, I am presuming it is best to hire a car - can you pick up west coast and drop off east coast? what should I expect weather-wise (am aware it's approaching winter...)?

    Thanks so much for your help!!

    Count Duff

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    Default The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is, of course, one major problem with trying to advise you on your massive undertaking, and that is that two entire countries, and every possible experience is on your agenda. In fact, everything that has ever been recommended by anyone to anyone might legitimately fall within the parameters of your trip. There's simply no way that I can narrow down the list from suggesting that you read through all, or at least a large proportion, of the questions and replies on these forums to see what people have been looking for and what recommendations have been made. You can also be sure to stop at as many welcome and information centers as you can while you wander around North America to make a first contact with people and to get the best local take on what's available in any given region. Also, three months is roughly the point at which it becomes ecomomically viable to buy and resell rather than just rent a car, but there are also legal hassles to overcome, such as obtaining a full visa and establishing a residence somewhere for purposes of establishing title to and registering the car. So I still think that renting would be in your best interest. Dropping off the car on the east coast after renting on the west coast will be quite possible (but starting in Canada and ending in the United States will add a significant difficulty) and the added cost will be relatively small compared to the cost of a several month rental.


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    Dear AZBuck

    Thanks for your reply and point taken! :)

    So I will definitely rent and definitely leave from LA. I'll have a scoot through other posts and then repost some questions.

    Count Duff

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