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    I am moving out to San Diego from Boston in Jan of 2009 and will be road tripping there over the course of 8 or 9 days, depending on how long we would like to take. We have chosen our overnight stops, but are open to any suggestions. Just seeing if any of you have tips, recommendations or warnings! Thanks.

    Our stops:
    Washington DC
    New Orleans
    Houston/ Austin
    El Paso
    Las Vegas
    Los Angeles
    San Diego!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If this is a moving trip, I might actually hold off on stops in Vegas and LA. Both destinations are quite a bit off the path that you've described for the rest of your trip and both could easily be reached on a weekend trip once you've settled in to your new home. I would focus more time on places you haven't been and won't be able to get back to easily once you are in SD.

    With 8-9 days, you've got plenty of time to make this trip, and spend a night in LV and LA if you really want. If it were me, however, I think I would focus my time elsewhere.

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