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    Hi all,

    Well be in LA in November and want to rent an RV for our roadtrip, leaving LA Sunday 15th in the afternoon. We have to be back in LA to head home to Australia on Monday 23rd November so we have about 8 days. We will have visited with family and have done the Disney Resort thing for a week prior to the 15th.

    We will return to the states in about a year or so to live (and unfortunately work) for a while during which time well be able to explore a lot more.

    For now, Id like to do a long drive and see a whole lot of country flying by.

    Ive spotted an RV one-way relocation special from Denver to LA. Can I get some feedback on the feasibility of this trip Car rental LA to Denver shortest route/quickest trip. Then Denver up through a bit of Yellowstone/Grand Tetons and back to LA via Vegas(maybe Grand Canyon) in the RV.

    Ill be back, so Im just scouting and happy to drive through - pulling over only for necessities and photos.

    Any feedback will be much appreciated, thanks. Jason.

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    Car rental from LA to Denver may be more costly than flying, due to the one-way dropoff charge. If you do rent a car to do it, I-15 to I-70 is the fastest route. This would be a 2 day drive, with an overnight around Richfield UT. If you want to take a 3rd day and cut down a bit on the daily miles, this is an opportunity to spend a night in Las Vegas if you are so inclined.

    Grand Teton and Yellowstone are not advisable in November due to snow, many of the roads will already be closed for the winter. Taking the grand tour of the southern Utah parks and the Grand Canyon south rim is a better bet.

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    Thanks glc, I'd already figured I'd be pushing it and canned the Denver idea a few hours after posting, we're now looking at RV pick up LAX and return to LAX - so I'll be reading up on Californian road trips tonight. This site and the people on it are an excellent resource. Thanks to all.

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