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    Default Test this Program: My Sights by Roadside America

    I had a conversation with one of the founders of earlier today and realized that I haven't kept current with a tool he and his team have created. So now, it's time for our talented team of road trip enthusiasts to give it a test ride, kick the tires and see what works.

    "My Sights" is a program that allows users to pick attractions found on the web site and weave that into a road trip plan using Google Maps. That plan can then be printed, shared with others or converted into waypoints for use on personal GPS equipment.

    Note: This program relies on cookies, (similar to how we manage user preferences on this forum) and so when testing this program, please ensure that you do not clear your cookies -- or all of the saved bit of routing data will be "history".

    Looking forward to your comments and ideas!


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    Default Pretty Cool

    I picked 11 Sights but then had problems with routing. The directions do say that if the sight you picked isn't on GoogleMaps, you might have this problem but it was a bit frustrating trying to figure out which one was the culprit.

    I also wish that you could select an option to print out the description of the sight when you print out your map/route.

    Minor things, actually. Very cool planning option.

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    Default Thanks for those notes

    I've been working on RTA site management issues and haven't had a chance yet myself to try this -- but I'll keep those ideas in mind on my trials...


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