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    Default Top Sights to See in America

    I'm thinking about going on a two month road trip this summer across the country. I want to visit every major location in the country. BTW, i'm gonna be starting out in California. If you could just help me come up with some more ideas, that would be great. Here's what I got so far:

    1. The Grand Canyon
    2. Meteor Crater, Winslow, AZ
    3. The Anasazi Ruins
    4. The Alamo
    5. New Orleans - Bourbon St, above ground graves, etc.
    6. Washington D.C. - White House, Washington, Jeffereson Memorial, etc.
    7. New York - Statue of Liberty, WTC,
    8. Boston
    9. Mt. Rushmore
    10. Chicago

  2. Default Places I would add:

    Yosemite National Park, CA
    Zion National Park, Utah
    Bryce National Park, Utah
    Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
    Arches National Park, Utah
    Canyonlands Naitonal Park, Utah
    Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
    Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
    Chaco Culture National Historic Park, New Mexico
    Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
    Big Bend National Park, Texas
    Glacier National Park, Montana
    Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    And probably the best one of all: Yellowstone National Park


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    Default I agree

    Utahtea has hit the nail on the head. GREAT list of extras to add!

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    Default Too much to see!

    You can't possibly see all this great country has to offer in two months -- but you've got a great start!

    I love Big Bend NP in Texas and how about Crater Lake in Oregon - and all the terrrific scenery along the Oregon Coast? Montana has Glacier NP which is fabulous.

    Key West and everything about the Keys is cool!

    How about Niagara Falls? Long Island? The horse country of KY - Churchill Downs, Charleston, SC's charm and architecture, -- I could go on and on.

    Take a look at for help with planning and ideas on where to go.


    We have reviewed Carol's book Live Your Road Trip Dream here.
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    Default Places to See

    Places to See

    In West Virginia
    The New River Gorge
    The Greenbriar Hotel
    Berkeley Springs

    The White Mountains

    Walden Pond (Concord, MA)

    Upper Peninisula and Macinack, MI

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    From what you've prompted up it seems like you plan to go West Coast to Southwest to Texas to Chicago/Midwest to East coast.

    If I were you, I'd make a bigger trip out of Texas. I'm biased of course — I love my state — but there's a lot more than the Alamo!(and honestly, though it means so much symbolically, the actual Alamo is not incredible. Don't get me wrong, I love it for what it stands for.)

    Make sure and visit all of the incredible cities of Central Texas, the cultural heart of this state, like Fredericksburg(very German, like a lot of the Hill Country!), All of San Antonio and the Riverwalk there, San Marcos, Kerrville, if you can take a day out fishing on the Guadalupe River or the Nueces — clear water and beautiful scenery!

    Also, don't neglect the Gulf Coast! I'm from Houston and I love it too! Make sure and take at least half a day to explore downtown Houston, from the incredible skyscrapers(including the skydeck on Chase Tower, 60 floors above the Earth!) to the little things. Also, if you are going to do the Gulf Coast in a day, make sure and stop to eat/sightsee in GALVESTON, undoubtedly one of my favorite places on this green earth!

    So I'd go Gulf Coast too, since you'll probably have to take a long trip on I-10 anyway from Arizona/New Mexico to San Antonio, just follow on to Houston and Galveston is down there too(on I-45).

    Good luck!

  7. Default Bob's additional choices

    1. Canyon de Chelly -- Chinle, Arizona
    Home of the Navajo Nation

    2. Supai and Havasu Falls -- Arizona
    Home of the Havasupai Indians in the Grand Canyon

    3. Abraham Lincoln's Tomb -- Springfield, IL
    America's greatest president!

    4. Gettysburg National Military Park -- Pennsylvania
    To understand US history and who we are today, you have to understand the Civil War. To understand that, Gettysburg is a great place to start!

    To get to Supai, you have to make reservations in advance and hike over 10 miles each way (9 miles trailhead to village, 1 to 3 more to the 3 main waterfalls (Beaver, Havasupai and Mooney). It is a shangri-la in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with icy cold swimming holes and several large waterfalls. Not to be missed if you have the time and can make the arrangements. The trailhead is about 65 miles north of Peach Springs, AZ. You can hike in and camp, or stay in the lodge. If you have the time and are interested, let me know and I can provide the necessary phone numbers (they can also be found on the internet).

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    In no particular order...

    1. New York City, NY
    2. San Francisco, CA
    3. Death Valley NP, CA
    4. Rocky Mountain NP, CO
    5. Niagara Falls, NY
    6. Chicago, IL
    7. Grand Canyon NP, AZ
    8. Badlands NP, SD
    9. Cajun to Creole along the Gulf coast, LA
    0. White Mountains, NH

    Washington D.C.
    Boston, MA
    Rural Vermont
    Great Sand Dunes NP, CO
    Las Vegas, NV

    Florida, if you like the Swamp/DisneyLand/Key West type thing... :P

    When someone says "America", theses are the places (in the lower 48) I think of.

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    How about the World's largest housing bubble. Oh wait, you're from California, you may already see some or most of it :)

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