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    Default Best restaurants & fast food joints in America

    I just thought it would be a great idea if each one of you provided a short list of your favourite restaurants and fast food joints in your area or from different locations. That way, people visiting your neighborhood will be well fed and happy and will want to come back!

    Let me start with a few :


    -The Crossing : steaks and ribs (try the peanut butter pie!)
    14 Province Street, Richford VT

    -Ben & Jerry's Ice cream parlors : many great flavors : Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, Chunky Monkey, NY Super Fudge Chunks, etc
    Church street Marketplace, Burlington VT (and many other locations in New England and Quebec)


    -Rocco's : pizza (try a slice of cheese) (best pizza in America)
    Johnson St., Hollywood, FLA


    Eastern Townships

    -Antiquarius : bistro cuisine (panninis, sushis, ask for a piece of "Tropezienne" pie)
    Wellington St. N, Sherbrooke

    -Auberge Ste Catherine de Hatley : californian cuisine
    2 Grand'Rue, Ste Catherine de Hatley QC

    -Bud Snack Bar : fast food/junk best burgers (try the Bud's burger plate)
    14 Bolton Pass Rd. (route 243),West Bolton QC

    -Edgar & Capucine : bistro cuisine (try tomatoes-boncoccini, quiches, cod with blueberry sauce, sugar pie)
    277 Knowlton Rd, Brome Lake (Knowlton) QC

    -Madame Hortense : bistro cuisine/coffee deserts (try the cauliflower potage in a bread, with a 2 Marie #2 coffee and a piece of maple syrup pie...yummy!:o9), Upper Main St., Granby

    -Paradis d'Asie : thaï, cambodgian cuisine
    King W St., Sherbrooke

    -Rose des sables : morrocan cuisine
    Dufferin St, Sherbrooke

    -Sake : japanese (sushis, miso soup, sobe)
    corner of St. Antoine and Main, Granby QC


    -Bleu Caramel : thaï cuisine
    De la Roche St., Plateau Mont Royal

    -Kilo : coffee, desert (any desert is yummy!)
    1495 Ste. Catherine East, Gay Village

    -Paryse : fast food, home-made fries (ask for some mayonnaise with your fries), great cheeseburgers
    302 Ontario East, Latin Quarter

    -Petit Extra : french cuisine
    on the corner of Ontario and Papineau

    -Pho Bang New York : vietnamese fast food (try the lemon grass chiken with a Tonkinese soup) (inexpensive)
    corner of Viger and St. Laurent, Chinese Quarter

    -La Strega : italian dining, inexpensive (fresh pastas with bruschettas)
    1477 Ste. Catherine East, Gay Village

    -Tung : vietnamese, bring your own wine
    on the corner of Appleton and Cote des Neiges, Cote des Neiges

    Quebec City

    -Ashton : fast food, ask for a "poutine" (i.e. fries with sauce and cheese) and add sausages in it : best poutine around!
    many locations in the Quebec City area

    -Rivoli : italian dining
    on Grande Allée St.

    I'll probably add some in a couple of days. Personally, I'd like to hear about any good mexican restaurant in South western US for my next roadtrip!

    Have a nice day!:-)

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    Default A few gems in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Good idea Gen!

    There are literally hundreds of cool spots in Las Vegas, but here are some favorites for good grub that are known mostly to locals:

    Egg and I -- 4533 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas,

    <a href = "">Johnny Mac's<a/> -- Henderson Nevada

    The Dispensary -- Tropicana and Eastern Avenue

    Gee Bees (Ribs!) -- Las Vegas Blvd and Windmill

    More later

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    Default FoodyGoodyBuffet

    Here are some of the more popular places in MA, and some of the places I enjoy when out and about. BTW, I didn't find any fascinating food in Kentucky!


    <br>Dakota Steakhouse US-7 Pittsfield (other locations in New England)
    <br>Howard's Drive Inn, Route 9 W. Brookfield
    <br>Janine's Drive Inn, Route 9 Ware
    <br>Westview Farms Creamery (ice cream!!!), 111 East Hill Rd. Monson
    <br>Taipei Tokyo, Route 9 Northampton
    <br>Fitzwilly's, Route 9 Northampton
    <br>China House, US 20 Palmer
    <br>The Clam Box, Route 9 Brookfield


    <br>Dolphin Den, Avon
    <br>Bubba's BBQ, Avon


    <br>Wright's Dairy-Rite, 346 Greenville Ave. Staunton
    <br>Shorty's Diner, US 250 Staunton

  4. Default Uncle Bob's Choices in the Southwest!


    Crestline Steakhouse

    La Parilla Suiza (Mexico City-style Mexican food!);
    A&J Chicago Style Barbecue (barbecue);
    Thee Pits Again (barbecue);
    The TexAz Grill (steaks!);
    Joe's Cafe (for breakfast, at 26th Ave and Bethany Home Rd)

    Shugrue's (Bob gives it 5 stars!)

    Show Low:
    Charlie Clark's (steaks & an AZ tradition)

    El Pollo Supremo (grilled Mexican)

    Las Pocas Cosas (for Mexican food)

    The Custer Cowboy Cafe (breakfast & lunch only)


    San Luis Obispo:
    J.D. Boone's Smokehouse (wonderful bbq)

    San Diego:
    Vincenzo's (in Little Italy, on India St.) (Another 5 star place!)


    The Gourmet Room at the Riverside (5 stars food and service!)

    New Mexico:
    The Branding Iron Cafe (great for breakfast!)

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    Hum...Looks like you love BBQ heh?-)) Thanks for these additions, I'll sure try some of these as soon as I can, (when I'll get tired of eating italian and french food and have enough money to put gas in the tank:-)!


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    Default Uncle Bob is the BBQ Expert!


    Bob's first articles published in RTA were focused and based on his love and appreciation for <a href = "">fine BBQ<a/>.


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    Default BBQ Man

    Hi Mark,
    I was just teasing him:-) He actually brought me to one of his favourite place (Thee Pits Agains)...simply delicious!:-) Have you ever been there? I read the article and I'll sure bear these tips in mind when I'll go back in the South West.

    Have a great day!

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    One of my obsessions about travel is eating the food a certain part of the country is known for. You'll need insider info usually to find the best places that are off the beaten path, but when in NJ for example, late at night, nothing beats a diner. I'm also a sucker for Waffle House, but only in the morning for breakfast. (Yes, I know it's a chain.)

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