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    My friend and I are beginning to plan a roadtrip for next summer. We plan on going from Washington DC to either Colorado or Arizona...somewhere out west. We've never done this kind of roadtrip before. We're hoping to stop at all kinds of historical places along the way and would love to drive parts of route 66. We're planning to set aside 2-3 weeks to do this. Any ideas on how to save money on this?

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    Well, take the highest gas mileage car that's available to you. Eat the majority of your meals out of a cooler and take advantage of free hotel breakfasts. Restock the cooler at grocery stores along the way. Stay in budget hotels and/or camp. If you MUST sleep in your car, do so at a truck stop. If you plan on visiting more than about 4 national parks, buy an annual pass for $80, that will cover the whole car.

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    We have several posts and articles about this very subject, including this one. Naturally, the longer you are out there, the more it will cost, but don't get so caught up in saving money that you put yourselves in unsafe situations. If you're not comfortable sleeping in the car at truck stops, camping is another option. Search online for places in the areas where you will be traveling to find the best deals. I've found state parks to have pretty good facilities and reasonable rates. Private campgrounds usually cost more.

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