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    We are planning the following road trip & I was wondering what weather we are likely to encounter & any tips of where to see on the way. We are coming from Ireland.We will be renting a 4wd & trying to see as much as possible;

    Sun 18th November fly to San Francisco
    Mon 19th November spend day in San Francisco then travel down to
    Monterey/Laguna Seca
    LAGUNA SECA then stay Los Banos app 80mls
    21st stay el portal Yosemite national park
    22nd November stay mammoth lakes
    23rd November stay death valley
    24th November stay las Vegas
    25th stay peach springs in grand canyon west
    26th stay page area/lake Powell
    27th travel to Bryce nat. Park via cottonwood canyon road then stay at Springdale (Zion national park)
    28th Visit Zion NP then stay in Las Vegas 30th November – 30th November FREDDIE SPENCERS’ PERFORMANCE SCHOOL @ Las Vegas Speedway
    1st December stay in Valencia @ Hilton garden inn
    2nd December go to six flags magic mountain then drive to Santa Barbara 0n highway 1 3rd December drive up highway 1 to Morro bay
    4th December Arriving back in Monterey 5th December LANCE KEIGWINS’ TRACKDAY @ LAGUNA SECA & stay in Monterey
    6th & 7th December Stay in San Francisco @ Hyatt Regency Union Square
    8th December Depart San Francisco

    Any info would be appreciated.
    Many Thanks

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums! - Céad Míle Fáilte!

    Your plan to go from Yosemite to Mammoth Lakes could very easily end up requiring you to drive 400 miles or more. The short route over Tioga Pass on CA-120 is subject to closure and the betting is heavily in favor of it being closed for the winter by the time you make your trip. Other roads across the Sierra Nevadas also close for the season, so you will most likely be looking at driving as far north as Sacramento or as far south as Bakersfield to get around rather than over the mountains. Other than that, your itinerary looks fine, and hopefully our resident speed enthusiasts, UKCraig and lhuff will be by to offer comments on the driving schools.


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    Laguna Seca -- wow, I'm very jealous! A friend I have in San Francisco is a huge biker geek and it is his favourite ever treat to take himself down to Laguna Seca for a trackday. I think you'll have the time of your life there! Not sure what the deal is at LVMS? Bikes on an oval?

    Don't let the possible 400 mile detour if the Tioga Pass put you off - you'll just need to steal a little of the time that you'd allowed elsewhere to allow you to drive it. Ask at Yosemite when you arrive to see if it's open or not and take it from there. Death Valley is one of my favourite places in all the world. Amazing place.

    I will add my usual suggestions that, when in Page, you gotta see the sunrise/sunset at Horseshoe Bend and check out the Navajo Bridge. When in San Francisco be sure to do a couple of 'laps' of the twisty section of Lombard Street

    Have a great trip, it sounds fantastic!

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    thanks for the input can anyone let me know what weather we are likely to get other than the snow at Yosemite. I have tried to look at some of the weather online but as its still a few weeks away didn't have much luck.

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