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  1. Default Need feedback on eastcoast roadtripping (first time)

    Hi everyone!

    I first must say this is a great site with lots of information. But im a noob regarding roadtripping. And not only that me and my 3 buddies are flying from Sweden to New York for the first time and we are planning to rent a car and drive down to Miami and back to NY. We have 14 days on us, we are leaving next Friday.

    I have been checking a route with googlemaps and this site, but i need some feedback/advice what we should see and wich places to sleep over. And how much it is possible to see without to much stress. My plan so far is:


    New York (sightseeing, spend 3 days)

    Virginia Beach (beach, 1 day?)

    Savannah (?)

    Orlando (Kennedy space center etc. days?)




    Atlanta (?)

    Skyline drive (drivetrough?)

    Washington Dc (?)

    New York (1 day)

    Is this route a good plan, or should i change/remove cities. We want to do a coastal drive down and inland drive up to New York. And ofcourse spend some night here and there and walk around in the cities and relax. If someone has a good route im happy to see it. Or any information what we should stop and see on the road.

    I hope you guys understand my english. Take care


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    Your English is great so no worries!!

    I'm new to this forum and about to embark on my first significant roadtrip (6 weeks) so am not sure I can offer great advice. My gut instinct is that that's too much travel for only 2 weeks. I mean, technically I think you can do it but it would likely include cutting out some stuff and having some very long days.

    I did want to point out that there's a great thread below this one with a similar route (NY-Miamia) though a little bit longer (17 days I think).

    Have a great trip!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While fourteen days is enough to do much of what you want, with the time you're allotting to sight-seeing along the way you could easily chew that up and more. At a relaxed pace by the direct (I-95) route you're probably looking at three days down and three days back. Add in some time for visits to Washington, Cape Canaveral, Savannah, and Atlanta (all worthy stops) as well your 4 days in New York and you've used up all 14 days. If you want to see some of the coast, which is a fair ways off I-95 in most places, that will add more time. As I say, everything on your itinerary is worth seeing, and you can probably just pull it off, But you're going to have to keep an eye on the calendar. Other than the cities you've listed, what sort of things are you looking to experience on your trip?

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    Thanks for the response. Well i guess we are not going to have a perfect schedule and we are 4 people with different minds. But we want road experience, see different sceneries, see both ocean and inland and cities, small towns, truckerstops, diners etc. and touristtraps :).

    But as you said, i guess 3 days down and 3 days up for the driving part. And have that in mind on the trip.

    I got a AAA driving atlas that i found in a shop here in Sweden, im gonna use that one. And instead of I-95 i could take smaller roads, and see some more, instead of asphalt. But i guess its gonna take longer time down and up then. I see that I-95 is running up and down, cant hardly miss the directions for it? Easier to follow, but maybe more boring?

    Thanks for the response so far.

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