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  1. Default Roadtripping all over america? How much will it cost?!?!

    Me and three of my friends are planning a roadtrip sometime next year for about 4-6months.

    Just wanting some suggestions...
    What time of year would you say is best?
    We are coming from the UK so not sure how much petrol (gas) will cost?

    We are thinking of starting in New York heading down the east coast to florida, across thru texas etc, grand canyon, Las vegas the national parks LA up the west coast and across a long way round back to New York but this part of the route isn't decided yet.
    Are there any places absolutely NOT to be missed? and places to completely AVOID at all costs?

    How much are National Parks admissions?
    Is it best to rent a car? We are going for a long time, but as we don't know much about what to look for in cars and being 4 girls think that for peace of mind it would be a good idea to rent rather than buy.

    Accomodation wise...mainly hostels, some motels and just some random nights spent in some unique accomodations.

    We want to pretty much do everything we can (within reason) lots of walking, seeing the sights, national parks etc

    Do you think 6000 UK pounds is enough for that amount of time? Its about $8922 each (obv that is the currrent exchange rate and bound to change)
    We will be splitting all gas costs, accomodation and living off fast food, pasta's, rice, and some healthy things now and again but mainly eating cheaply
    Any suggestions and idea's will be grately apriciated


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    Nobody can predict how much gas will cost this far in advance. Right now, the US average price for regular grade gas is just over $2 a gallon. Last summer, it hit 4 bucks. You can buy a national parks pass for $80 which will admit up to 4 adults in 1 car to all national parks and other Federal fee-based areas, it's valid for 1 year. This does not include camping fees.

    Your major expense is going to be car rental. If you are under 25, there will also be a hefty surcharge, and you won't even be allowed to drive it if you are under 21. Buying a car is very difficult these days for visitors on a tourist visa, and reselling it is not easy either. If you want to rent in one city and drop off in another, there will also be a dropoff fee. However, there are companies that do have a buy-buyback program which may work for you with that long a period.

    A ballpark budget is $100 per day per person, plus car rental and of course, your round trip airfare. You can get an idea of car rental costs from some UK travel specialists.

    EDIT: These people claim to ease the hassles of buying a car, you may want to contact them for ideas. I know nothing about this personally, all I did was see them mentioned on Lonely Planet.
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    Default details needed

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can tell you that with the amount of money your talking about, you should be able to have enough to have a very nice trip. However, your going to have to narrow some things down to figure out things more exactly. The biggest factor is time, there is going to be a huge difference in cost between a 4 month trip and a 6 month trip. You're also going to have to figure out what you are going to do for transportation and how much that will cost. Beyond that things get easier to calculate. You can get a budget motel room for about $50 a night, and that will usually be cheaper for a group of 4 than hostels, which charge per person. $20 per day per person is good number to start estimating meal costs, allowing for a nice mix of different food and restaurant options.

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